the 4-hour workweek

Graham Hunt – Spanish Real-Estate Entrepreneur

Graham Hunt is a real estate property developer in Valencia Spain. He’s created YouTube videos for his real-estate company, included 100 tips for moving to Spain,and is the author of Laptop Entrepreneur. These are his good things.

Good things to read.

High Fidelity.  The first Nick Hornby book I read was Fever Pitch of course, a book that summed everything up about being a football fan. High Fidelity summed everything up about being a bloke. The obsessive lists, the compilation tapes, the emotional depth of a blancmange, the self centredness, everything. Just like I could have been Gregory in the film below I could definitely have been Rob in this book. The film version was good by the way, excellent casting of John Cusack, but it just wasn’t “quite” as good.

Choose Yourself. James Altucher’s book has been my go to toilet book for the last year (And believe me that is high praise indeed) The idea that we are in the middle of a sea change in the way we do things in the World Economy and that the old certainties enjoyed by our parents’ generation have disappeared as jobs, careers and life has been outsourced abroad has meant that I have started looking at everything in a new way. The idea of Choosing Yourself and most convincingly the way to become an ideas machine have changed me enormously. Two new businesses later and a huge change in the way I look at any problem mean that now it doesn’t look as if I will be changing my toilet reading for a time yet.

The 4-Hour Workweek. I got this book immediately as a mindset thing but every time I revisit it I get more out of it now. (Would love Tim Ferriss to do an updated version right now with so many other tools out there and so many success stories too).

The point that most people miss about the 4HWW is that it is not a treatise on how to be “lazy” and work four hours a week while supping Margaritas under a palm tree in a hammock (Despite the cover art) What it really is are a series of tools to use to become ultra efficient. I have never even approached four hours work a week, in fact i think I am on about 70 a week at the moment. What I am doing though is the work of 300 hours in those 70. And yes you might say I am missing the point too as the aim of the book wasn’t to give you more time to do more. However I have been able to make time for great holidays now and if I want to take time out and do other stuff I just do. I choose my clients and I choose my projects. Nothing is forced on me and that for me is key.

Good things to watch.


Gregory’s Girl. Probably the greatest movie ever 😉 OK it’s cheap, it’s low tech and it’s somewhat risqué in some of the lines looking back on it now. However, I was Gregory and so was every other lad I knew at school, in fact I probably still am. If a girl ever needs to get into what the head of a teenage boy in the 80’s was then just watch this film. Awkwardness, insecurity, white jackets, football and a strange attraction to obscure facts about Caracas. What more could you ask for?

Salvados. The only programme worth watching on Spanish television. Jordi Evole is the innocent going around letting the corrupt, the inept, the self important and the bastards hang themselves with their own words. With such a huge range of potential targets to have a go at in this country, Salvados never usually misses the target. Using a style of interviewing that allows the “victim” to talk themselves into a corner where there is no escape, Evole does a great job of making the corrupt seem like slime in their own words and his reactions to their admissions are priceless.

Derek. Some people love Ricky Gervais and some people don’t. I am in the former camp. However Derek could well be the best thing that he has ever done. The Office was superb, Extras was fantastic. An Idiot Abroad had some brilliant bits and Life’s Too Short was… meh! Derek tugs at the heartstrings and also hits home runs on the comedy. Always remember that “Kindness is magic”

Good things to use.

The Valencia Cricket Ground.  Three years ago I helped to start up a cricket club in Valencia, Spain… yes cricket in Spain. Two years ago I managed to set up a couple of meetings meaning we got to share the Valencia baseball ground. We have rechristened the ground as the VCG and every time we use it we love it.

My iPhone/iPad.  I mostly run my businesses from my iPad and iPhone. If the iPhone is more than a metre away from me consider it a mistake. If the iPad is more than a few metres away consider it a panic attack. Why? Well they are my entertainment, my information, my work tools and of course my communications tool. I am not going to go into the apps that I use but these two things just rock for me as they work so well together along with the MacBook at home for integrated workflows.

The Grey Matter. The more I challenge my brain to come up with creative solutions to problems and issues the better it becomes at sorting things out. And I give it a lot of challenges. If I had to give advice to someone on how to use their grey matter it would be as follows:

Never let it go to mush by watching TV like the X Factor, reading stuff like the Daily Mail and repeating celebrity gossip. You have a brain for a reason. Make the most of it.

Connect with Graham, and his brain on Twitter, @grahunt to talk cricket, Spanish real-estate, or to just thank him for his good things.

Ben Larcombe – Table Tennis Coach

Ben Larcombe is a Table Tennis Coach at and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.  I first read this book about 18 months ago now and it completely changed the way I view work, life and success. Tim Ferriss is a pretty incredible and fascinating guy who loves to push boundaries and experiment/test things out on himself and then share the results.

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.  There are a lot of books out there in the talent vs practice niche at the moment but I think Daniel Coyles book is my favourite. He visited nine of the world’s greatest talent hotbeds and mixes observation with academic research to create a compelling argument. As far as I know, he’s also the only author in this talent niche to really work at keeping a blog up to date and his blog posts are always thought-provoking.

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.  I almost chose the bible as my third good thing to read but I decided that this book is possibly a better choice. I encourage everyone to investigate the life and message of Jesus, for themselves, at some point during their adult life and I think this book is one of the best places to start that investigation.

Good things to watch.

Remember the Titans.  This is one of the greatest sports/coaching movies of all time. It features Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone, an African American coach trying to bring together black and white athletes during the early 1970’s. A great film to watch for coaches and an all round brilliant sports film.

Mike Bassett: England Manager.  Possibly the best British film ever! Perhaps that’s going a bit far but this is certain one of my favourite films. It’s full of British humour and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The O.C. I loved this show as a teenager and started watching it again last month after buying the box. If you’re into US teen drama, you’ll love The OC. If not, then you may hate it but for me it takes me back to being 15 or 16. Plus it has clever wit and sense of humour not found in it’s rivals.

Good things to use.

Feedly.  I love reading blogs but keeping up with them all can be tricky. Since Google Reader was closed I’ve moved over to Feedly and I love it. It’s easy to put blogs into categories and quickly choose blog posts to read. They also have a great iPhone app to use if you’re on the go.

Google Scholar.  During my university days Google Scholar was one of my most used bookmarks. After graduating, I stopped searching, reading and learning from the academic world. A few months ago I dipped my toes back into the world of academia and I’ve been making full use of all the freely available articles Google Scholar has to offer ever since.

A notebook and pen.  I realise I’ve been a bit “tech-heavy” so far but one of my favourite things to use is a notebook and pen. I do sometimes take notes using the Evernote app on my iPhone but often it’s the old notebook and biro that comes up trumps. Especially if I want to sketch something out then I always go for the notebook over anything techie. And if you really need a digital copy you can also take a photo of the page!

Connect with Ben on Twitter, @BenLarcombe.

Tiffany – The Budgetnista

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” is a bestselling author (The One Week Budget), and a sharer of all things, frugal, fun and fabulous via her financial, education firm, The Budgetnista.

Good things to read.

The Richest Man in Babylon. A prerequisite read for all other financial books.

The Alchemist. If you’ve ever dreamed of more, this book will inspire you to keep going until it’s yours.

The 4-Hour Workweek. For my Dream Catchers. For those who understand that and extraordinary life cannot be had by doing ordinary things.

Good things to watch.

The Secret. The Law of Attraction explained. 

Scandal My not-so-secret guilty pleasure and just plain fun TV.

YouTube. Where I learned how to do yoga, paint my home, program my phone and a ton of other things ranging from completely useless to life changing. Oh, and all for FREE!

Good things to use.

Navigation on an Android phone.  I LOVE this feature. Whenever I travel I use the turn-by-turn walking feature to help me get around unfamiliar cities.

Kindle (the original without internet) Having a Kindle has dramatically increased how many books I read. It has also helped me be more patient and enjoy waiting, because I use that time to read instead.

Budget.   All of our financial successes or failure can be traced back to our budget, or lack thereof. Change your budget, change your life.

For all things budgets and more connect with Tiffany on Twitter at @TheBudgetnista.