Maria Busque – Musical Coach

Maria Busqué is a musical performance coach who works with musicians to find ease and flow in their performance. She is reaching musicians internationally through workshops and individual sessions on the instrument while being an active musician herself. She also writes for the online classical music community HelloStage. These are her good things. 

Good things to read.

The Second Circle by Patsy Rodenburg. Also known as “Presence”, it is one of the best books I have read on this subject so far. Rodenburg describes presence and all the elements related to it, such as body, breath, voice, words, etc. She further gives exercises and guidelines on how to implement this work not only on stage, but in everyday life.

The Potent Self. A Guide to Spontaneity by Moshé Feldenkrais. Feldenkrais writes here about one of his main concepts of his work: spontaneous action. In his own words: “the idea behind it being not that spontaneity is enacting any wild urges that happens to exist, but that all action is spontaneous when it is not compulsive”. This book made an impact not only on my own work, but on my personal life. It’s inspiring and thought-provoking. And it’s not only important for performers on stage. When everyday actions are free and filled with spontaneity, they are alive and that is what touches our fellow humans.

Marie Antoinette by Stefan Zweig. The most beautiful language in the world, paired with great sense of humor, humbleness, a love for research and deep understanding of the human nature. A delight from beginning to the end.

Good things to watch.

Fazil Say perform Beethoven’s 3rd concerto. I like Fazil Say because his sound is so vibrant and he’s so alive in his performances. One little gem at the end: the encore at minute 36:40.

Evelyn Glennie’s TED talk about how to truly listen. To be moved by her sound, and to be moved by a speaker who can’t hear. I have so much admiration for this incredible musician.

Pianomania. Or, in search of the perfect sound. This is a documentary feature. Stefan Knüpfer is a piano technician in Vienna whose journey it is to provide first-class piano players with the sound they are looking for. Though this is a very specialized field, the filmmakers found a narrative with a humorous touch, supported by Knüpfer’s natural charisma. It is highly entertaining to watch and you get an interesting view behind the scenes of a very specialised area.

Good things to use.

Public library. For avid readers like me, this is a way to read more without spending more money. There are so many excellent books to be found even in a small library. Since new books are usually difficult to get hold on, I refer to for recommendations.

Public transport. I’m lucky to live in a city where public transport is excellent. No car means to me no other costs like insurance, parking, gas, repair, and, subsequently, more time.

Notebooks. The best way to collect thoughts, ideas and journaling. Even though I use mostly digital calendars and to-do lists, nothing beats what actually writing things down with a pen does to my brain.

Connect with Maria on Twitter, @Maria_Busque.