Ruwan Meepagala – Writer, Creativity Coach

Ruwan Meepagala is writer, Creativity Coach, and Orgasmic Meditation instructor. He teaches how to enter highly sensitized states for better communication and creative impulse, often in the realm of sex and relationships. He’s currently working on his first book on how sexual energy fuels creativity. He coaches individuals on Lift specifically around habits to increase creativity.

Good things to read.

If On a Winter’s Night Traveler by Italo Calvino. It starts with a silly premise and structure that quickly becomes profound. It made me laugh out loud while dropping my jaw with the implicit life lesson of the structure of the book. (I can’t explain more without ruining the story.)

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It’s the only “workbook” I’ve ever recommended. It’s a 12 week program for “creative recovery”—unlocking your creative side. Modeled after the 12 step program, it has a spiritual element to it that offers great insights to creativity even for atheists. I often use it as a teaching tool when my clients want to increase their creative output.
Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse. By far the most profound philosophical text I’ve ever read. The sentences are super simple, yet I had to read and re-read them to have the concepts sink in.

Good things to watch.

 Memento (film). By the Nolan brothers long before the Dark Knight Trilogy and in my opinion their best work. Guy Pearce plays a man with no short term memory trying to solve the mystery of his wife’s murder. A dark comedy thriller with an awesome ending.
Reggie Watt’s TEDx Talk Incredibly funny and amazing showcase of talent.
He embodies the Fool archetype in a magical way. Just try not to think too hard else you’ll miss the point.
Blackwater,” Game of Thrones, season 2, episode 9. One of the best psychological portrayals of war I’ve seen. Gives Saving Private Ryan a run for it’s money. (You may need to watch the rest of the GoT episodes to really enjoy it, so I’ll recommend that too.)

Good things to use.

The first 30 minutes after you wake up. Your daily entry into waking life is marked by a period of high suggestibility. The first thoughts you think and the first actions you take will heavily impact you day. I always start the day writing Morning Pages per The Artist’s Way, where I also set intentions and determine my attitude. If possible I take a walk at dawn to keep my mind silent for as long as possible. Whether you’re a creative person or not, you will greatly benefit for finding a mindful activity before you jump into the mechanics of your day.
Moleskine cahiers. Good notetaking habits are critical for creative persons. Despite my sloppy handwriting, I find notes and ideas are better handwritten than electronic (sorry Evernote.) Moleskine is my favorite brand of notebook because their paper feels better than most and they can be found in almost any bookstore. The cahiers are great because they can be stuffed in a rear pants pocket like a wallet. There’s a pocket in the back that can hold cash so you can use it as a wallet (I do.) That way there’s never any reason to be without it.
1 Second Everyday app (1SE). With this iOS app you record one second of video everyday. The app then strings all these seconds together for a 30 second reel every month, and 6 minute five second video every year. I’ve bee doing it since February and it’s amazing having a video recall of daily experience. Definitely beats keeping a diary.
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