the godfather

Anderson Cooper – television host

These are Anderson Cooper’s good things.

What are some good things you’ve read?

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. “It’s a classic. I first read it in high school and it sparked my interest in traveling to the far reaches of our planet.”

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.  “One of my all time favorites. I love the main character of this book”

Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon.  “I like the surprises and couldn’t put it down.”

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What are some good things you’ve watched?

The Year of Living Dangerously

The Godfather


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What are some good things you’ve used?

A shake for breakfast and plenty of Diet Coke along with John’s Pizza.

Brian Williams – television reporter

This is Brian Williams and these are his good things.

What are some good things you’ve read?

Isaac’s Storm.  “I think it may be the perfect short work of nonfiction. Wherever you’re reading it, the air suddenly turns humid and dank and charged. I’ve given it more than any other book as a gift.”

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.  A book Williams’ wife gave him and one that might help his biggest fear.  “My biggest fear in life is being on a plane with nothing to read. I look at these people who take the free magazine out of the seat back pocket and I shake my head and I say what did you not know about your day today that you weren’t going to need reading material? I get shaky when I think about the prospect of a plane flight without a book. There is always a book with me.”

“I think What It Takes by Richard Ben Cramer is one of the great books on contemporary politics. It followed a campaign a few cycles back. You have to read it in his tongue, in his vernacular as he imitates Gephardt and Dole and it’s a brilliant, Wolfian piece of writing about nonfiction.”

What are some good things you’ve watched?

The Godfather parts 1, and 2 but documentaries are also big in the Williams house.

Community, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation are “some of the best comedies in the business.”

He did see Pygmalion with Claire Danes on Broadway.

What are some good things you use?

For the travel Williams uses Ambien “by the bushel” and reads on the plane with his iPod “blasting”.

Williams’ fast food suggestion is Arby’s. “Two Beef and Cheddar, apple turnover, large Coke, that will fix your wagon.”

Levi’s Jeans.