Brandon Epstein – Founder of Entrepreneur Fitness

Brandon Epstein is the founder of Entrepreneur Fitness  host of The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast, where he coaches people on creating abundant energy, peak mental states, and optimal emotional health. These are his good things.

Good things to read.

The Alchemist. A powerful story about the power of intention and thoughts.

Think and Grow Rich. The bible for self help.

The Biology of Belief. Scientifically explains how our thoughts and emotions effect our cells and genes.

Good things to watch.

Tony Robbins TED Talk. The longest TED talk of all time. Captivating and powerful.

Any Oprah graduation speech.Great advice for anyone in a place of transition.

Will Smith Inspiration compilation. Incredibly inspiring.

Good things to use. Best way to manage projects.

BetterYou. Best app for guided meditation.

VisionBox. Best app for designing lockscreens to attract your dream life.

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