Ben Larcombe – Table Tennis Coach

Ben Larcombe is a Table Tennis Coach at and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.  I first read this book about 18 months ago now and it completely changed the way I view work, life and success. Tim Ferriss is a pretty incredible and fascinating guy who loves to push boundaries and experiment/test things out on himself and then share the results.

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.  There are a lot of books out there in the talent vs practice niche at the moment but I think Daniel Coyles book is my favourite. He visited nine of the world’s greatest talent hotbeds and mixes observation with academic research to create a compelling argument. As far as I know, he’s also the only author in this talent niche to really work at keeping a blog up to date and his blog posts are always thought-provoking.

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.  I almost chose the bible as my third good thing to read but I decided that this book is possibly a better choice. I encourage everyone to investigate the life and message of Jesus, for themselves, at some point during their adult life and I think this book is one of the best places to start that investigation.

Good things to watch.

Remember the Titans.  This is one of the greatest sports/coaching movies of all time. It features Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone, an African American coach trying to bring together black and white athletes during the early 1970’s. A great film to watch for coaches and an all round brilliant sports film.

Mike Bassett: England Manager.  Possibly the best British film ever! Perhaps that’s going a bit far but this is certain one of my favourite films. It’s full of British humour and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The O.C. I loved this show as a teenager and started watching it again last month after buying the box. If you’re into US teen drama, you’ll love The OC. If not, then you may hate it but for me it takes me back to being 15 or 16. Plus it has clever wit and sense of humour not found in it’s rivals.

Good things to use.

Feedly.  I love reading blogs but keeping up with them all can be tricky. Since Google Reader was closed I’ve moved over to Feedly and I love it. It’s easy to put blogs into categories and quickly choose blog posts to read. They also have a great iPhone app to use if you’re on the go.

Google Scholar.  During my university days Google Scholar was one of my most used bookmarks. After graduating, I stopped searching, reading and learning from the academic world. A few months ago I dipped my toes back into the world of academia and I’ve been making full use of all the freely available articles Google Scholar has to offer ever since.

A notebook and pen.  I realise I’ve been a bit “tech-heavy” so far but one of my favourite things to use is a notebook and pen. I do sometimes take notes using the Evernote app on my iPhone but often it’s the old notebook and biro that comes up trumps. Especially if I want to sketch something out then I always go for the notebook over anything techie. And if you really need a digital copy you can also take a photo of the page!

Connect with Ben on Twitter, @BenLarcombe.


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