Kal Barteski – Artist

Kal Barteski is an artist and brush script painter. Sometimes called an illustrator and a poet, she’s a creative rogue. She cares deeply about intellectual property online. She is a TEDx speaker, a published author + winner of a Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  These are her good things.

Good things to read.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This is a visual feast. It’s overflowing with unshakable imagery that is beautiful and unforgettable. I love all things black and white – but this book is a bit of a bench mark for me, one of my all-time favourites.

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. There’s never a bad time to read or reread this book. I feel enough shame and vulnerability to completely avoid books about shame and vulnerability, but Brené breaks things down into freeing reprieve for the heart. She has a way of shedding light – that is pretty much just magic. I reread this book every couple of months because it reminds me over and over again about the importance to living authentically and gently.

ONE and ZERO. These two illustrated childrens books by Kathryn Otashi are two of my favourite books. I love them for their simple, beautiful illustration jumbled up with poetic, profound stories. Every PARENT needs them for reading to every child. From bullying to loving yourself – these are messages that people of all ages need to hear.

Good things to watch.

It goes without saying that Blackfish was the most powerful documentary of the year.

The Whale. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, this is a documentary about an orca who becomes separated from his pod and befriends a Canadian coastal town. It’s a beautiful look at rules and governments and how living creatures and heartfelt emotions override all of those kinds of things. It’s a powerful case for the connection and importance of nature.

Chasing Ice. Without a doubt some of the most fascinating footage of glacial ice and the changes happening in the Arctic. Striking footage, gorgeous landscapes, amazing foresight – this is a documentary that ends by planting a small seed of panic in your chest.

Crash Reel.  Clearly I like documentaries. I also really love winter. This doc is about Shaun White and Kevin Pearce and it’s cuts right to the heart of anyone who has ever been fueled by passion. Bring tissue.

Good things to use.

Shapeways. This is 3D printing on demand. You upload your files, pick your medium and in a few days you get a three dimensional print. It’s mind boggling and super exciting. Even if you’re not skilled at 3D file making (like me) you can take extrude line drawings for a very cool effect.

Square. Taking credit card payments on your iPhone? Yes, please. It’s got better rates than PayPal, it’s fast, seamless and business life-changing for an artist like me. Plus, it makes me feel like a Jetson when I plug a little gadget into the top of my phone and swipe a credit card. So cool.

Baking Soda. It’s not high tech, but there’s nothing this substance can’t improve. Throw it in your washing machine for whiter clothes. Throw it in your dishwasher. Use it to clean counters and carpets and everything in between. Use it instead of toothpaste.

Connect with Kal on Twitter, @KalBarteski, Instagram, and Facebook.


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