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Anna Newell Jones – And Then We Saved

Anna writes about her Spending Fast at as well as at Babble and WiseBread and these are her good things.

Good things to read.

The Happiness Project: This book had me looking at life in a whole new way. I liked the anecdotes and expert insights into the quest for happiness.

Your Money or Your Life: This was the first personal finance book that I ever read and it helped to change my perspective on finances. It showed me that I didn’t have to be a victim to my financial choices and that I could make changes.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: I’m pregnant so I’ve got baby stuff on the brain. I like how this book presents childbirth as something that doesn’t necessarily have to be terrible. Another one I really like in the baby book category is Bringing Up Bebe.

Good things to watch.

Breaking Bad: Great characters, intriguing plot, some violence, blood and you just never know how crazy Walt is going to get. Completely awesome and addictive. Seriously, how crazy is Walt going to get?!

Dexter: Love it.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: This movie had me crying in the theater. It was hard to just pick 3 for this category so the other contenders for this category were the guilty-pleasure TV series Sister Wives, and True Blood.

Good things to use.

Sleep Cycle app: This is a fun app (just a heads up- it doesn’t work well if you have more than one person in your bed) that shows you, not surprisingly, your sleep cycles, length on sleep, and quality of sleep. It’s cool to wake up in the morning and see how the night before went.

Juicer: Nothing feels healthier (and more bad ass) than consuming 4 apples, a bundle of kale, a whole bunch of celery, some cumbers and a bit of ginger and lemon in one single drink.

Body:  Again, something that I’ve come to appreciate more since I’ve been pregnant. I appreciate simple things like sleeping on my belly, running, and bending so much more since I can’t do them as easily now. Also, getting into the gym and lifting weights feels great after not doing it for a little. Oh, and then there’s that whole growing another human thing that’s kind of amazing and makes me appreciate my body that much more;)

Connect with Anna on Twitter, @AndThenWeSaved.

Jamie Tardy – Founder of Eventual Millionaire

These are Jamie Tardy’s good things.

Good things to read.

The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil.

Abundance by Peter Diamandis.

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey – (pivotal years ago when I decided to pay off $70k in debt).

Good things to watch.

Shark Tank.

Jason Silva – Find his videos on YouTube, they rock!

Love Iron Man, can’t wait for 3!

Good things to use.

Sleep cycle – iPhone app that wakes you at the best time each morning.

ITA software by Google – On the fly – I’m loving looking up flights this way.

Your muscles! I think we become complacent sitting at our keyboards and staring at our phones all day! Get out there, use your body or it’ll hate you when you are old. I’m a huge fan of karate, bootcamp and yoga.

Final thought. The speed of technology is moving SO fast. Start to pay attention to new and upcoming trends so you can be ahead of the curve in business!