Lee Garrett – Author, Blogger, Project Manager

Lee Garrett is a blogger, author, and project manager. He writes at MyProductiveMac, Productivityist, and is a guest podcaster on British Tech Network. These are his good things.

Good things to read.

Procrastination On Purpose by Rory Vaden. Rory is a guy that started at the bottom and worked his way up to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His ideas for how you can leverage procrastination to actually aid you in meeting your goals and dreams is really well written and inspiring. It’s had a great influence on me.

Getting Things Done by David Allen. Yes, I realise it’s almost a cliche to have this book in there and I’m hardly straying from the masses with it, but to not include a book that I can, hand on my heart, say has changed my life, would be doing it a great disservice. My life was a disorganised mess and I was on a road to nowhere when I discovered this book and I’m on a path to a much better place now. I agree it’s hard to follow all of the tenets that that the book promotes, however if you CAN use it as a framework, there really isn’t much of a limit as to what you can achieve.

Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.  I wanted to include a more leisure-focused read in my list because it is so important to do things that are just considered ‘fun’. Although pushed hard by George RR Martins A Song Of Ice And Fire series, I maintain that the greatest set of books I have read to do date is the Dark Tower. Not only is it easy to envelop yourself in the dark, brooding landscapes, you find yourself empathising with the characters in a way I haven’t experienced before, either in print or on film. King captures your emotions with these books by ensuring that we have a deep bond with each protagonist and I’ve never been so close to tears as I was towards the end of this series. A must read.

Good things to watch.

Over the last year, whilst I have been bedding myself into the Apple application space, I’ve been watching the screencasts that have been so expertly crafted by my compatriot Don McAllister at Screencasts Online. My productivity angle has been, and always will be, how to leverage the most from your Apple tech and I ALWAYS pick up something new from his videos, even when I don’t expect it! He’s always first to market with expert iOS, OS X and Apple Watch videos on new releases. Another application focused site that I habitually visit is LearnOmnifocus by the great Tim Stringer. Tim is a man I admire greatly, having spoken openly about his fight with cancer and how he has used tools like OmniFocus to centre his life and keep it on track. I use OmniFocus as my task manager of choice and it’s such a huge application to learn, that these videos help keep my knowledge to the level it should be, as I am an OmniFocus coach.

Lastly, I need a leisure watch and I cannot stop watching Ripper Street currently on Amazon Prime. I work occasionally on the streets of Whitechapel where the Ripper once roamed and I love the way the characters, stories and scenery are depicted. You can truly believe that the way the characters enunciate their words is exactly how it would have been in Victorian times and the plot-lines really are a mix of suspense and surprise. The fact it has been commissioned for two more seasons (four and five) is great news.

Good things to use.

I’m going to highlight the three things I use most often at the moment that I know I cannot do without. The first is Slack, which helps keep me in constant contact with both friends and colleagues alike. I’m even planning on setting up a Family Slack channel so that we can share files and have an alternative instant messaging solution, with channels for Birthdays, Holidays, Christmas etc. I think Slack has only scratched the surface with regards to where it’s going to be. Second, is DEVONthink Pro Office. I use DEVONthink Pro Office as my paperless office and, as a Project Manager, it is invaluable to me, especially when i need to retrieve data. I have workflows setup that automatically import data, both at my machine and on the go, with tools like Hazel and Dropbox and my clients feel safe in the knowledge that I have password protected databases for their files encrypted safely on my Mac.

Lastly, we have 1Password which is my password manager of choice. I store so much in here, all of my software licences, family health information, passwords (of course!), registration information, passports, secure notes – and being able to sync this across all of my devices via Dropbox means I never worry about anything being compromised, or not having crucial information when I need it.

As a mobile worker, the tools above make sure I have everything covered.

Connect with Lee on Twitter, @myproductivemac.