Andy Fossett – Builder

Andy Fossett is a “burger enthusiast” based in Honolulu who teachers martial arts, consults online businesses, and runs GMB Fitness. These are his good things.

Good things to read.

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson. Parts of this book are a little dated, but the general principles have been life-altering to me and everyone I’ve given a copy. Not for the easily-offended, PR lays out a theory of human potential along with practical advice for making the most of “reality.”

Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I tend to speed read a lot of non-fiction for learning and info, but I’m careful to balance it with a healthy dose of pure escapism. Stephenson is one of my favorites, and Anathem was well-paced and fun to read slowly and get absorbed into the story. There are so many good things on this site, it just ridiculous. I love the focus on finding parallels and links between different thinkers and artists, and Maria is a fantastic aggregator of interesting ideas and thoughts from more books than I could possibly hope to read.

Good things to watch.

Video of yourself walking and talking. Seriously, you’ll be surprised. This is how you appear to others. Do you move with poise and confidence? Do you express yourself clearly and persuasively? We’re largely unaware of our habitual patterns and ticks; noticing them is the first step to improving how others see us.

The ocean (or the trees). Just get out in the open air and spend a few minutes a day with whatever nature has to offer in your part of the world. Breathe in. Breathe out. Listen. Experience the passage of time. Repeat daily.

This video about possibility. Yes, the talk is nominally about Parkour, but the deeper message is of exploring the confines of our surroundings and responding in creative ways. I tend to watch it at least a couple of times a month for a little inspiration and motivation.

Good things to use.

Your body. It’s a bit of a cliche, but if you don’t exercise the limits of your body’s strength and mobility everyday, it slowly diminishes with age. Regular exercise for health sounds boring, so think of it as increasing your personal freedom of physical movement.

Lumosity. There’s a ton of tools for exercising the mind, but Lumosity is the one I’ve been able to stick with. It’s available on the web or as an app and makes it fun to sharpen your memory, reasoning, and creativity with various cognitive tasks cleverly disguised as games.

Notebooks. I like Moleskines, but there’s nothing magical about any particular kind. Just carry one and write down ideas and lists. Write them and rewrite them until they’re ready to make real.

Connect with Andy on Twitter, @AndyFossett.

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