the ultimate sales machine

Greg Hickman – Mobile Mixed

Greg Hickman runs Mobile Mixed, a blog and podcast where he shares insights and best practices for businesses that want to be more mobile, these are his good things. 

Good things to read.

The Ultimate Sales Machine.  A must read for practically anyone in business

Let Go by Pat Flynn.  A must read for anyone looking to dive into starting their own business and may be afraid.

If you’re a small business, The Mobile Mixed blog!

Good things to watch.

New Girl. I’m sort of addicted to this show…it’s totally hysterical.

Arrested Development.  I tried to fight it but I just started watching Season 1 and i’m hooked.

Live music in a small venue. Nothing beats a good show when you’re up close and personal.

Good things to use. One of the best tools I can think of. One of the best email reminder tools that makes it so easy to follow up with people.

Evernote. One of the best note taking apps there is. I store everything in evernote and can access it from my phone or iPad. Super helpful!

Foam Roller. I use my foam roller daily to remove stiffness and knots in my muscles that keep me tighter than I want to be.

To connect with Greg about all things mobile, find him on Twitter @gjhickman.

Dan Andrews – founder of TropicalMBA

These are Dan Andrews good things.

Good things to read.

When Dan was getting out of debt he still wanted to read, budgeting 10% of his take home pay or books.  Some of those on that list were Purple Cow, The Ultimate Sales Machine, and The 4-Hour Work Week.

Good things to watch.

Besides people watching and south Asian scenery? Dan says that he limits what he watches now although he would “gorge himself” on The West Wing while in college.  The main reason is “I don’t feel like I need to get away from my business to be entertained.”

Good things to use.

Dan is on Twitter and does the Tropical Talk radio podcast.  “When you record audio for anything, make sure your mic plugs in with a USB. Anything else sounds bad. Toss in a little EQ and compression in FREE audacity and boom, you’ll sound like a pro.”  He also updates what he reads on his Kindle and uses Instapaper and noise cancelling headphones on all his flights.