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Michelle – The Late Bloomer

Michelle is Prima Bloggerina over at where she writes about all things curious and playful. On occasion, her dog commandeers her computer and guest blogs. These are Michelle’s good things.

Good things to read.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. True confessions time. I bought the audio version of this classic circa 1992. I never listened to it. Probably because just the thought of fear gives me a tummy ache. Waaa. A couple of weeks ago I decided to snap out of it and feel the fear already! I dug for my copy of the audiobook in the bowels of my garage where I store old CDs from college only to find . . . . Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway on CASSETTE TAPE! There. I just aged myself and came out of the Procrastination Closet in one fell swoop. My advice to you: Read or listen to this book now. Today. Don’t wait 21 years as I did. I recently purchased another copy on CD (I’m a huge fan of learning whilst driving), and it’s brilliant. Fear begone!

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. This is one of my current reads and with every page turn I think, “Seth wrote this for me!”. And if you’re anything like me, then I am terribly sorry about that. It’s not easy being me. BUT! The good news is that this book will rock. your. world.

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. One of my top 5 favorite books in the last 5 years. You will laugh your sweet little tushie off. And then suddenly find yourself yearning to travel to Iceland. (Or return to Iceland if you’re too cool for school and have already visited there.)

Good things to watch.

The Tudors. I know what you’re thinking. Wasn’t The Tudors so 3-6 years ago? Yes. You are correct. But I don’t have cable. Which means I’m not a boob tube viewer. Which means I occasionally, against my better judgment, get sucked into a series on Netflix that offers stellar acting, frightening historical accuracy, gorgeous sets and costumes, and steamy, gratuitous sex scenes.

Weeds. Yep. Weeds was so . . . . Hold on. The final season ended just last year, so I’m not too late to the game, right? One of my dear friends recently got hooked and showed up to work every day saying things like, “You look so much like Nancy Botwin!” And “I love your dress. It looks very Nancy Botwin.” And “OMG, that is something Nancy Botwin would say!” Naturally, I had to check out this Nancy Botwin chick who is in a whole other league than me, but I am beyond flattered. (Thank you for the compliment of my decade, Britt!) Next thing I knew I was sucked into yet another series that offers award-winning acting, my dream wardrobe, clever scripts, hot men, and steamy, gratuitous sex scenes.

My Dog. Because after finishing Weeds just a few nights ago, I need my life back, and Bella needs more attention. Seemingly endless late nights of “just one more episode” wear me down. I can only afford to go off the deep end once a year.

Good things to use.

A Vitamix. One of these days I am going to write an “Ode to Vitamix”. I’ve had mine since 1995. That thing has outlived 3 cars, 1 husband, 1 dog, who knows how many boyfriends, and who knows what else. I believe that I paid $500 for it back in the day which means the price has stayed the same for 18 years. How is that even possible??? I realize that $500 is sticker shock for most people. Let’s break this down: $500 ÷ 18 years = $27.77 year ÷ 52 weeks = 53 cents per week ÷ 7 days = 8 cents per day. What else do you have in your life that is this inexpensive? Share in the comments below. (I do not work for Vitamix, I swear.) Anywho, I’m super lazy about getting my 5 a day. I’d rather drink them at an investment of 8 cents and toast “To my health!” while I’m at it.

A Mac. I’m sort of stunned that people still use PCs. Life is already complicated, why would we want to complicate it further it with computer mayhem? I stayed with a PC for much too long because I was a teacher on a budget. I finally broke down and bought a Mac when I, a normally clean-mouthed lass (except when in traffic, of course) started shouting the f word at my PC countless times a night. Sure enough, 2.5 years later, I haven’t had one issue with my Mac. Not one. I have a feeling that my Mac will turn out to be another Vitamix when I analyze the extra cost in the long run. To computer health!

A Guitar. Music makes my world go ’round. There are 3 things that I own that are “must haves” in my life. I have therefore constructed a thoroughly morbid “escape plan” for if there’s a fire. First out of the house is my main priority, my dog. If I am given the gift of extra escape time, then I’ll take my computer and my guitar. I’ll ask the firemen to grab the Vitamix.

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Dan Andrews – founder of TropicalMBA

These are Dan Andrews good things.

Good things to read.

When Dan was getting out of debt he still wanted to read, budgeting 10% of his take home pay or books.  Some of those on that list were Purple Cow, The Ultimate Sales Machine, and The 4-Hour Work Week.

Good things to watch.

Besides people watching and south Asian scenery? Dan says that he limits what he watches now although he would “gorge himself” on The West Wing while in college.  The main reason is “I don’t feel like I need to get away from my business to be entertained.”

Good things to use.

Dan is on Twitter and does the Tropical Talk radio podcast.  “When you record audio for anything, make sure your mic plugs in with a USB. Anything else sounds bad. Toss in a little EQ and compression in FREE audacity and boom, you’ll sound like a pro.”  He also updates what he reads on his Kindle and uses Instapaper and noise cancelling headphones on all his flights.