George Halachev – Habit Coach

George Halachev is a coach at, and helps people wake up early, study more effectively, and be more productive. His coaching is fueled by hundreds of books and many years of practice, experimentation, and adjustment. These are his good things.

Good things to read. When it comes to personal development and self-help this guy is a genius. I’ve been following his blog for years and I’m constantly amazed by the original content that he comes up with and the personal development experiments he does. Vegan and Raw Food diets, Polyphasic Sleep, Polyamory, D/s play are just a few of the crazy things you can find there. The good news is that it’s all free content. If you’re into self-help there’s are few better places on the web for you.
Since I coach Waking Up Early, I’ll recommend that you start by starting with his article on becoming an early riser.
He also has published a book “Personal Development for Smart People” in which he summarizes the principles of personal growth that he’s learned along the years.

Dresden Files. Everybody has been raving about Game of Thrones for the past few years, but if you’re a fan of fantasy and you’d like something, different I highly recommend that you check out the Dresden Files. It’s urban fiction based in modern day Chicago. The protagonist is Harry Dresden – a broke, wise cracking, private investigator / wizard. The series has everything a fantasy fan might want – magic, dragons, vampires, werewolves (about 150 different types), fairy, ghosts and any other type of magical creature you can think of.
Radical Honesty. Radical Honesty completely changed the way I look at relationships with friends and lovers. The author Brad Blanton explains how the little lies we tell every day create unnecessary stress in our lives, which is the source of all illness and why our bodies start to break down. According to him the most destructive lies are not the ones that are overt and intentional but all the little things that we hide and don’t reveal to other people. If you’re having problem creating intimacy with the opposite sex or having trouble creating authentic friendships, I highly recommend by reading Radical Honesty.

Good things to watch.

Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk. One of the funniest and most educational videos on TED. By far my favorite. He talks about what is creativity how to build and nurture it and why schools kill it.

I also love his book “The Element”. It’s about how to find your passion and how it changes everything when you do. He spend many hours interviewing successful people in the world and trying to find out what made the difference for them. You can read about the stories of many famous people and how they found their passion.

If you haven’t started doing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) now is a great time! MOOCs are online courses on any subject where you learn about a particular topic with thousands of other people around the world. Right now, one of the most popular courses “Learning How to Learn” is available on demand and you can start it immediately. That’s the most advanced course on how to learn more effectively that I’ve seen and I highly recommend it. The video course is based on Barbara Oakley’s book A Mind For Numbers, who is also the author of the course.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Since I’m a big fan of comedy in general I highly recommend Jerry Seinfeld’s web series at He invites the best comedians from around the world on a ride along with a fancy car and has breakfast with them. The result is surprisingly hilarious. You’ll get a lot of laughs and also get to know some of the funnies people in the world.

Good things to use.

YNAB (You Need A Budget) is an awesome software/app for keeping track of your money. Since I’ve started using it the stress of handling my finances has decreased immensely. However, YNAB is much more than a simple budget app. The YNAB team has taken the time to come up with an awesome method that covers virtually all financial situation. Regardless of whether you’re broke and in debt, rich, you’re getting regular salary or you get paid a big sum once in a while like a freelancer – YNAB has got you covered. They also have a lot of educational webinars that will teach you how to deal with difficult financial situation and how their software can help you. You can watch their intro video for more information. A very funny blog about punctuation and grammar tips. Besides the blog they also have a great app for intelligently correcting your grammar, punctuation and style. The also offer detailed analytics on your writing and how you can improve + how you compare with the rest of the Grammarly users. They also have a premium feature, where a professional editor will review and edit your content for a price. The prices depend on how urgent you want the editing done.

Earplugs and a sleeping mask. My sleep has been truly transformed since I started using earplugs and a sleeping mask. First of all if you’re not living somewhere in a monastery completely alone chances are there are going to be noises around you when you sleep. Especially if you live in a loud city. Since you can’t turn off your ears and they’re always on even when you’re sleeping, the little noises that you hear create a little extra stress. Your mind can’t completely relax even if you don’t feel it. Just give them a try for a week and see the difference. I’ve tried many different kinds and the best ones for me are the disposable silicone ones. Feel free to experiment with the other kinds if you want.

As for the sleeping mask, if your sleeping environment isn’t completely dark when you go to bed or when you wake up, you need this. The way sleep works is, your body produces a hormone called melatonin, but only when it’s dark around you. Even if your eyes are closed, if there is light around the melatonin production in your body stops. Without melatonin in your system it’s impossible to have deep quality sleep. I’ve been using masks from for more than a year and I’m very happy with the quality.

Connect with George on Twitter, @GeorgeHalachev.