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David Kazzie – Novelist, Lawyer

David Kazzie is a lawyer by day, novelist by night.  He’s written a book –  The Jackpot, an animated series – So You Want to Go to Law School, a blog –, and these good things.

Good things to read.

Ready Player One by Ernie Cline.  This was probably my favorite novel of the last five years. If you’re between 35 and 45 years old, this book was written for you – it’s basically a love letter to the pop culture of the 1980s. And it’s a hell of a fun read.

Screenplay by Syd Field.  This book changed the way I looked at the structure of stories (both in movie and novel form). I am not a screenwriter, but the principles in this book apply to any form of storytelling. I’d written two dreadful manuscripts before reading this book – the one I wrote after I read it was worlds better.

Mystic River by Dennis Lehane.  This was a huge book in my life. I read it in 2003 or 2004, shortly after seeing the movie (which I thought was an OK, but not great, film). So I’m reading it, knowing how it ends, and it still absolutely blew me away. I think I’d written two manuscripts by then (neither of which will ever see the light of day), and it showed me how far I still had to go before I could write something that good. I think it’s the best work of crime fiction of my generation. Years later, I would go on to sign with a literary agent – and as luck or fate or karma would have it, she’s Dennis Lehane’s agent and the one who sold Mystic River.

Good things to watch.

Quick Change. I put this Bill Murray movie in here because I think it’s the most underrated comedy of the last 25 years. I’ve probably watched it 50 times and it gets funnier with each passing year. For those who haven’t heard of it, Bill Murray dresses up as a clown and robs a New York City bank, and then spends the rest of the movie trying to escape the urban nightmare that is the city. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a masterpiece.

Breaking Bad.  This is probably the best television show I’ve ever watched. The writing is absolutely brilliant. I don’t know how else to put it, but you find yourself rooting for crystal meth dealers. CRYSTAL METH DEALERS! It’s as close to flawless a show as I’ve ever seen (I’m watching Season 4 now, so I haven’t made it to the end yet).

Louis C.K.’s stand-up comedy. I just love his stuff. He’s freaking hilarious. I love standup comedy and I think he’s the best out there right now. I also like to read or watch anything about how standup comics do their thing – how the sausage is made, if you will.

Good things to use.

Index Card (iPad app).  I’m the kind of writer who needs structure in my work. I love using index cards to sketch out scenes and rearranging them to fit the story. This app lets you do that with an infinite supply of index cards that don’t clutter up your house and your wife stays happy!

Good running gear.   This is a bit generic, but as a lazy runner, I like having good gear. Specifically, good shoes all the time, and running-specific gloves and a running hat (make sure it covers the ears!!) for the cold months. Your feet and legs will thank you for the shoes, and the gloves and hat make wintertime running at least tolerable if not somewhat pleasant.

Keurig Coffeemaker – Maybe I have a low threshold for satisfaction in the hot-drink department, but I actually think that most of the Keurig products taste pretty good. I don’t need an A+ cup of coffee or tea, and I really don’t have time to screw around with that anyway. Either way, I love my Keurig, and it sees a lot of heavy use in my house.

Connect with David on Twitter, @DavidKazzie.


Greg Kuhn – Author, Educator

Greg Kuhn is the author of the best-selling Why Quantum Physicists… book series.  Devoted readers have given Greg the nickname, The Law of Attraction Science Guy.  He is also happily married to his soul mate and a devoted parent to four incredible young men.  His favorite pastime is playing Grow a Greater Greg, a game he invented and teaches in his latest book.  His website is, these are his good things.

Good things to read.

E-Squared by Pam Grout.  Pam and I got to know each other because Amazon kept telling my readers to buy her book and vice-versa.  Pam is an exceptional person and an even better writer.  E-Squared can be transformational is you’re open to becoming a more powerful influencer of your life experiences; it’s a lot of fun even if you’re not.

Who’s Afraid of Schrodinger’s Cat by Ian Marshall and Danah Zohar.  The reason I love Who’s Afraid of Schrodinger’s Cat to much is twofold.  It’s format allows you to easily investigate quantum physics by topic or area of interest.  It also emphasizes what I find to be the most important thing about quantum physics – radically different and effective ways we can improve how and why we do almost anything the way we do it.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.  Influence is one of my favorite books of all time because it is not only incredibly interesting and entertaining, but it is also research-based.  Dr. Cialdini and his graduate students spent six years doing field work and identified six automatic triggers that every human is influenced by.  You’ll forever have fun spotting these triggers in every aspect of your life.

Good things to watch.

Arrested Development.  I love to laugh; taking myself less seriously is very important to me.  Arrested Development is a somewhat overlooked comedic classic.  An all-star cast and some of the best network comedy writing make the original FOX network-version a must-watch.

Bridesmaids.  Bridesmaids is crude and low-brow in places, so be forewarned if you’re easily offended.  Yet I have never laughed harder in a movie theatre.  Kristen Wig pulls off a performance we can laugh at and cheer for at the same time.  And Melissa McCarthy gives a comedic star turn like John Belushi did in Animal House.

What the Bleep Do We Know.  What the Bleep Do We Know has received its share of criticism and some of that may be justified.  Yet I love this film as a conversation starter capable of opening important discussions.  The global consciousness shift toward personal empowerment of our creative abilities to influence our life experiences is one I proudly push forward.  Investigate further on your own, yet this movie is an entertaining way to join the conversation.

Good things to use.

Click to Tweet.  Click to Tweet is a really cool tool for anyone with a website.  It allows you, in very simple fashion, to designate sentences in our posts or articles for easy tweeting by your visitors.  All your site visitor needs do is click the linked sentence you create and she can automatically tweet it.  It’s simple, cool, and my readers really enjoy it.

The Keurig Coffee Machine.  As an author, I really appreciate coffee.  I wasn’t a Keurig convert until my wife received one for her birthday a couple months ago – now I wouldn’t want to be without one.  The convenience of brewing one cup of coffee at a time, combined with the ability to brew different types of coffee with each cup, is amazing and fun.

Kindle Direct Publishing.  I wrote for my father for over a decade.  My dad, Dr. Cliff Kuhn, M.D. (The Laugh Doctor) has self-published since the late 1980’s; selling books used to be very challenging and expensive for authors who weren’t household names.  KDP, however, allows any author (providing she has high quality/high value content) a platform from which she can sell books with the “big boys” right out of the gate.  If an author is willing to publicize herself, the sky’s the limit; my rise to best-selling author couldn’t have happened without a partner like KDP.

Connect with Greg on Twitter, @KuhnGregory.

David Niall Wilson – author

David Niall Wilson writes horror, fantasy, and science fiction and blogs at  His novel  Nevermore: a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe is new this year and he runs the Crossroad Press  publishing company, these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Rough Mix.  The first in a series of journals / memoires by Concrete Blonde bassist and vocalist Johnette Napolitano. If you love the band, you’ll find yourself drawn in. It’s sort of simplistic, and deep at the same time.

Skin by Kathe Koja.  It’s powerful, painful, and in nearly three decades I have been unable to get the book out of my head.

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  I’ve read, and reread this; then listened to the audiobook (I recommend that too). It is the #1 best selling book of philosophy ever printed, and there is a reason.

Good things to watch.

Mystery Men.  This is a low budget super hero comedy that – by all rights – should not be memorable. What it has is that magical chemistry between characters that brings something to life in unexpected ways. Also – Herkimer Battle Wagon. Enough said.

Safety Not Guaranteed.  Very low-budget also – and again – so much more than other producers / directors and cast members get from huge, bloated special effects monsters. Great movie, perfect ending.

A Knight’s Tale.  Slightly campy, very cool – jousting and Chaucer, a medieval ball – Queen mashed up with historical waltzes. You just can’t go wrong with this movie.

Good things to use.

Vivobarefoot shoes.  Dress, casual, and running. I have suffered from pain in my feet for years – that ended when I bought my first pair of barefoot shoes from Vivobarefoot. To add a fourth thing to read – Born to Run – which explains why we have been idiots taken in by the shoe industry for so long, among other things.

Samsung Galaxy phones. Seriously, there is nothing this phone won’t do – the other day I played an HD movie I’d just taken, wirelessly, on my 52″ TV. Stunning quality. Plus – phone calls. You can make them.

Keurig coffee makers. (Specifically with 8 O’clock (red) cups. How we ever survived so many years with crappy drip coffee, I will never know.

Connect with David on Twitter, @David_N_Wilson, where if you ask nicely, there might be a coupon code for the Crossroad Press store.