Independence Day

Jonas – Storyteller, Creative Director, Tennis aficionado

Jonas pretends to work as a creative director in his daytime and squeezes out words onto pages in his night time. He has published two novels and is half-way into his third one. When he’s not at work or with family, he’s dancing around on a tennis court somewhere, trying to imitate Roger Federer.

Good things to read.

Independence Day by Richard Ford.  This Pulitzer and Pen prize-winning book made me want to become a novelist. A brilliant story without murders. Here the beautiful language and strong realism makes sure you keep turning the page.

On Writing by Stephen King.  It’s hard not to like Stephen King. He sells boatloads of books, yet is still true to his craft. This is his book on writing, which is truly a labour of love and very inspirational.

Choose Yourself by James Altucher.  A book that fits so well in with our chaotic times that I wish I’d written it myself. James’ brain is an exciting place and the honesty and clarity of his writing is both refreshing, thought-provoking and revolutionary.

Good things to watch.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Nah, that was a joke…)

Star Wars.  I’ve loved the Star Wars saga ever since I was a little boy and I’m happy I’ve managed to brainwash my stepson (9) into liking it as much. Not the best dialogue in the universe, but the storytelling is top notch and the visuals give you goose bumps.

Shawshank Redemption.  More Stephen King, I know. But this is his best movie by far and I’m not alone in thinking this (best movie of all time according to IMDB). It’s difficult not to shed a tear at the end of it.

Mad Men.  Having worked with advertising in some form or other for most of my adult life, the TV series Mad Men felt like home. I’m also a nostalgic for a time when you could drink generously in the middle of the work day. Fantastic acting and storytelling.

Good things to use.

Evernote.  For many years I wanted a software that could keep all my notes organised and in one place. Evernote does this wonderfully. Makes me feel creative and calm at the same time.

Dropbox.  Every creator’s worst nightmare is that all his/hers hard work is disintegrated in a hardware malfunction or a wildfire. Dropbox allows me to pour water on my Macbook Air without worrying about data loss (disclaimer: don’t pour water on your computer!).

Kindle.  The perfect travel buddy. Since I used to type newspaper articles on the classic Psion3a, the e-ink screen gives me both nostalgia and less tired eyes. If you love books, but don’t want to carry the weight of them, the Kindle is the way to go.

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Dale Furse – Science Fiction and Fantasy author

These are Dale Furse’s good things.

Good things to read.

The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. A fantasy and first time book by the author. Great writing and even better story.

First Lady by Kay Cottee was my first non-fiction book and it has stayed with me since that time. She was my inspiration to work at what I wanted to achieve in my life. Kay was the first women to circumnavigate the globe without stopping and her book made me realise, I had to believe I could make my goals reality before I could begin the journey to that end.

Your local daily paper, especially the For Sale section you never know what you might find.”

Good things to watch.

Dr Who. I have watched Dr Who since I was a child and I can just remember William Hartnell as the Dr. Ha, the special effects are funny today but they were the best back in the 60’s.

Independence Day. The one movie I have watched many, many times.

John Carter is a recent movie and not knowing anything about it and dubious about the content with such a simple title, I found I enjoyed it immensely. Mars is such a great backdrop, don’t you think?”

Good things to use.

Your eyes to see all the wonders the world shows you everyday. It’s amazing what you see when you stop to take notice of your surrounds.

Your imagination to free you from invisible constraints. Constraints bind you to the here and now but in your mind anything can happen and if you go with it you just may find what you want in real life.

Your heart for love and forgiveness. Please, life is way too short to harbor grudges and miss out on the love around you so freely offered.