Katherine Vetrano – Writer

Katherine Vetrano is a Portland based writer. You check out her work at Daily Blender, Thrillist, and Serious Eats. These are her good things.

Good things to read.

Remember Me Like This (out May 13th, but I won an early copy on Goodreads!)

Bret Anthony Johnston’s first novel has all of the aspects that make his short stories memorable: gorgeous lyrical description, and deep, inspiring characters, with a dash of thrill, much like Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl: you want to keep reading because you must know what happens. I can’t put this book down.

Grubstreet Diet column. This is a guilty pleasure of mine. Every Friday, Grubstreet (a site similar to Eater.com) posts a food diary from someone famous (almost always in NY). They’ve had comedians, musicians, fashion people, athletes, and actors. It’s fascinating to see people’s eating habits, what restaurants/delivery services they’re using, and more. I like to pull this up Friday morning and read it while I drink my tea.

LA-Screenwriter.com. I’ve seen a lot of writing craft books in my day, but I feel like this site has tangible, useful writing advice that is harder to find elsewhere. The site’s owner, Angela Guess offers a comprehensive guide to script writing (TV and film!) and everything that comes along with it, including real world advice like how to sell your script, several scripts from current films/shows, and inspiring quotes. Her newsletter gives me regular inspiration for my writing, scripts or otherwise.

Good things to watch.

Bridgetown Comedy Festival. This is a Portland only festival (sorry out of towners! But this is a good excuse to visit) that’s one of the pioneers of US comedy festivals. Amazing comics from all over (and some of our best locals) perform at a handful of venues all around town. Unlike other festivals, it’s very affordable, and has a really relaxed, community vibe to it. I’ve heard it called “summer camp for comedians” more than once.

This season’s’ SNL. I know. I know, you’re thinking, ” SNL from ____ year was so much better! It’s different now!” But when was the last time you watched this season? Kate Mckinnon and Aidy Bryant especially are out of this world funny. Be open minded!

Inside Amy Schumer. Can you tell I like comedy? This show is Amy Schumer’s sketch show that is unapologetic, inappropriate and wonderful. I’ve heard it’s On Demand right now so you can go catch up on both seasons.

Good things to use.

Can you use a podcast? Does that count? I use them to improve my commute…so here’s two I like:

Selected Shorts. This podcast, recorded in NYC at Symphony Space, is famous actors from television and film reading short fiction: both classic and current. I can’t think of a better way to get you inspired early in the morning than this.

Dinner Party Download. This is one of my favorites because I’m fascinated by its form. In a short amount of time (I think a little less than an hour?), they have brief segments that cover quirky history, food, music, a non-predictible interview with a famous guest, and a hilarious etiquette section.

I use this to-go cup to haul around my favorite green smoothie: protein powder, spinach, parsley, mango, lemon, raw rolled oats and Matcha powder.

Connect with Katherine on Twitter, @Kat707.

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