Claire Diaz-Ortiz – Writer

Claire Diaz-Ortiz is a public speaker and author of Twitter for Good. These are her good things.

Good things to read.

Rework. An amazing book on rethinking how we think work. Think short, sweet, smart.

Fascinate. Do you want to fascinate others? You should. Otherwise you’re, well, boring. This book tells you how to be the awesomesauce you want to be.

Thrive. It’s not just about thriving in business, it’s about thriving in life. Arianna Huffington shows you how.

Good things to watch.

The Killing! Tv at its most golden (and dark… and rainy…).

Fargo. Once you get past the fact that this tv series is still not set in North Dakota, of course.

House Hunters International. Because every real estate maven (that’s me!) needs a good 12-hour HGTV marathon.

Good things to use.

The Oral-B Professional Care 1000: The best electric toothbrush. Hands down. And if you don’t yet use an electric toothbrush, we need to have a sit down.

Baby Connect. The best app for new mamas (and papas). ignore the others. Get this and track away.

A pencil. For filling out the NY Times crossword puzzle, that is. (except Sundays, because those are only for crazy people).

Connect with Claire on Twitter, @Claire.

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