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Shannon Thompson – novel and poetry writer

Shannon Thompson is an author who has written in the longest and shortest forms and her affinity for cats may only be topped by the love of coffee.  These are her good things.

Good things to read.

The Stranger by Albert Camus. It’s a classic novel which defines existentialism. Our emotions are challenged, and the writing reminds us of what we find normal and connecting within society. It’s a perfect example of confronting a norm, while also bringing out understanding and sympathy from the other side.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer–a novel told from nine-year-old Oskar who loses his father in 9/11. The story follows him as he tries to solve the mystery behind what it all means, while also using history (from his grandparents) to compare present day to. Very challenging and emotional read. The novel, not only has words, but pictures that will become a part of the soul.

Poetry (specifically Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath, and/or Billy Collins) I think it’s important to read both fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, because every genre brings something new into the light, and these three poets always bring me comfort, content sadness, and understanding, even if I have a moment of ambiguity towards why.

Good things to watch.

Casablanca.  It’s not only a classic; it’s honestly my favorite movie of all time. I’m a HUGE fan of older movies, because I find the writing and the story to be the most important part (rather than the graphics) and I’m always astounded by the subtle genius behind it all. Pay attention to everything Bogart says, or you might miss a beautiful instance.

A Little Princess. A little girl is dropped off at a boarding school after her father is enlisted in WWI. She’s from India, and she brings mystical stories to the others, while reflecting the reality of her life. It will return your childhood to your present-day life.

Big Fish. A reminder of the exaggeration of stories being an art form of love.

Good things to use.

Journals. I believe journaling can be one of the most important activities people can take part in. Write down what you’re feeling and learn why you feel this way. I have a strict rule of never returning until one year has passed, but that’s my personal preference.

Coffee. I need it to survive. Honestly. But it’s also comforting, energizing, and has recently had many health benefits discovered.

Kittens (Pets)- Cuddle up with that fuzzy one and make your day that much better.

Shannon is on Twitter and Facebook where you can keep up with new about her new book – Minutes Before Sunset – which comes out in May.

Katie Tallo – director and writer

Katie Tallo directs and writes for film and television and these are her good things. 

Good things to read.

Stephen King’s On Writing for budding novelists.

The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath for novels that never lose their relevance or edge.

Good things to watch.

CineCoup is a totally new way to finance feature films here in Canada. These guys are shaking up the sometimes safe and less-than-daring Canadian film landscape by allowing filmmakers of all strips to pitch their films via fake trailers. One team wins a million bucks. It’s pretty outside-the-box thinking. Your readers can become fans and vote if they want to get engaged in the process. So let me suggest three of my favourite trailers for your “three good things to watch”. There’s Wolf CopSlay to Rest, and The Dangers of Online Dating  – just three of my personal favourites among many others. Each trailer offers a unique glimpse into a film that hasn’t been made yet. Pretty cool.

Good things to use.

Something I use daily is Livestrong’s great app My Plate for easy food, exercise and water tracking.

Cinecoup’s fan platform to be a part of making a film come to life.

Your voice, speak up for what you believe in.

You can write to Katie on Twitter.