Tristina Wright – Author

Tristina Wright is a blue-haired bisexual with anxiety and opinions. She’s also possibly a mermaid, but no one can get confirmation. She writes YA SFF novels and short stories about queer teens who become heroes and monsters. When she’s not writing books or short stories, she can be found around the internet guest blogging about advocacy issues. Most recently, she was featured on DiversifYA and Gay YA speaking about bisexuality.

Good things to read.

I love it when people expand their horizons a little and touch a toe outside their comfort zone. Today, I want to tell you about three authors who exist at various points along the queer spectrum so you can fall in love with their words the way I have.

Laura Lam – She’s the author of Pantomime, Shadowplay, and the upcoming third to the trilogy, Masquerade (TOR UK 2016) which is the incredible journey of Micah Grey, a bisexual intersex teen, who is raised female, runs away and joins a circus as a male, and shenanigans ensue. That’s really all I can tell you without giving it all away. My new favorite of hers is False Hearts (TOR 2016), and I can best describe it as Inception and Orphan Black and Almost Human and Blade Runner all had a baby somehow (It’s science fiction. Go with me on this.) and that baby is this book. It’s about separated conjoined twins and what happens when one of them is accused of murder. It’s sexy and shiny and intense and oh so delicious.

Justina Ireland – She’s the author of Promise of Shadows and Vengeance Bound. Justina has this magical way with words that roots you firmly in the story yet pulls your senses into the world she’s expertly crafted. She plays with mythology and preconceptions and a sense of self without being heavy-handed. I want to shove her books into the hands of everyone I know. She’s also an amazing woman who advocates for marginalized authors, especially authors of color, and I’ve learned so much from her in the time I’ve known her.

Abigail Roux – She’s the author of many queer novels. Her most famous is the Cut & Run Series, which spans nine books and follows the enemies-to-lovers adventures of bisexual FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett. She’s also recently started a spin-off Sidewinder Series, which follows friends-to-lovers Nick O’Flaherty and Kelly Abbott plus their brand new relationship and all the trouble two men who’ve known each other for fifteen years can get into (spoiler: it’s a lot). My favorite of hers, though? The Gravedigger’s Brawl (which is perfect for Halloween, hint hint). Roux gives us a gothic, almost steampunk ghost story involving a haunted bar with the titular name, a bartender named Ash Lucroix, and a geeky historian named Dr. Wyatt Case.

Good things to watch.

I love science fiction. I love the imagination. I love the reach. I love the hope science fiction gives us. Reach for the stars. Invent new things. Put aside prejudices. Watch out for asteroids. Blue milk is good for you. I also really love science fiction accidents—especially ones involving wormholes. Whoops, pressed a button. Whoops, got sucked through a wormhole. So here are three excellent science fiction shows that deal with accidental wormholes in some fashion. Bonus, these are all completed so you can binge at your leisure.

Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007) – Probably one of the first science fiction shows to really capture my imagination. The show spun off the original movie, Stargate, in which an ancient ring found in the desert turns out to be a doorway to a wormhole to another world. Aliens and misunderstandings and the requisite explosions happen. There was something about the very idea of the world that I fell completely in love with. The television show took that concept and expanded it to many doorways scattered all over the universe. Every episode, SG-1, the first stargate team, stepped through the stargate in order to explore a new world. It ran for ten seasons plus two movies and one spin-off series. It will forever be my favorite scifi television show.

Sliders (1995-2000) – In my humble opinion, the glory of this show was in the first 3 seasons. Basically, a genius physics student whoops-opens-a-wormhole which sucks him and his friends into a parallel universe. The entire point of the show is they’re sliding (Eh? Eh? Get it?) from one parallel world to another trying to find their way home. The near misses absolutely break your soul but you keep coming back for more.

Farscape (1999-2003) – Fun fact: Ben Browder and Claudia Black later join Stargate SG-1 where their characters dislike each other as opposed to here, where they are most definitely completely heart eyes in love with each other. Essentially, while testing a new flight drive in a spaceship, an astronaut is (surprise!) sucked through a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy where he falls in with a mismatched group of outlaws. Hijinks! Shenanigans! Space muppets! And seriously some of the best makeup and costuming for the time period. The show is bright and wonderful and everything a scifi show from 1999 should be.

Good things to use.

Writing advice is, more often than not, pick your poison. It’s never one-size-fits-all and the best advice is, really, go with your gut. That said, here are three things I always use while writing.

Imak Computer Gloves – I love these things. They cushion your wrists with these badass little microbeads that basically give you a massage as you move. I bought two, obviously.

Notebooks – I collect notebooks like trading cards. I love having a notebook dedicated to each writing project. My favorites are the ones from Studio Oh! and the journals from Paperblanks, especially the Silver Filigree ones. So magical and beautiful and make me feel like whatever I put in those pages will come to life…which could, in some situations, be bad, but they’re really pretty okay?

Productivity Calendar – I got the idea from Victoria Schwab and her sticker method which is incredibly easy and straightforward. I’ve tried all sorts of productivity planning systems, reward systems, goal tracking, you name it. Nothing has worked better for me than this method. Buy any calendar or print off a free one from the internet, get some stickers or colored pens, make a key, and go to town. I’ve been using it for just about a year now (oh hey anniversary or something yay!) and it’s been amazing for my productivity in writing, editing, critiquing, getting through my towering pile of books I need to read, and even household chores and exercise. I love it. I cannot recommend it enough.

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