David Niall Wilson – author

David Niall Wilson writes horror, fantasy, and science fiction and blogs at www.davidniallwilson.com.  His novel  Nevermore: a Novel of Love, Loss & Edgar Allan Poe is new this year and he runs the Crossroad Press  publishing company, these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Rough Mix.  The first in a series of journals / memoires by Concrete Blonde bassist and vocalist Johnette Napolitano. If you love the band, you’ll find yourself drawn in. It’s sort of simplistic, and deep at the same time.

Skin by Kathe Koja.  It’s powerful, painful, and in nearly three decades I have been unable to get the book out of my head.

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  I’ve read, and reread this; then listened to the audiobook (I recommend that too). It is the #1 best selling book of philosophy ever printed, and there is a reason.

Good things to watch.

Mystery Men.  This is a low budget super hero comedy that – by all rights – should not be memorable. What it has is that magical chemistry between characters that brings something to life in unexpected ways. Also – Herkimer Battle Wagon. Enough said.

Safety Not Guaranteed.  Very low-budget also – and again – so much more than other producers / directors and cast members get from huge, bloated special effects monsters. Great movie, perfect ending.

A Knight’s Tale.  Slightly campy, very cool – jousting and Chaucer, a medieval ball – Queen mashed up with historical waltzes. You just can’t go wrong with this movie.

Good things to use.

Vivobarefoot shoes.  Dress, casual, and running. I have suffered from pain in my feet for years – that ended when I bought my first pair of barefoot shoes from Vivobarefoot. To add a fourth thing to read – Born to Run – which explains why we have been idiots taken in by the shoe industry for so long, among other things.

Samsung Galaxy phones. Seriously, there is nothing this phone won’t do – the other day I played an HD movie I’d just taken, wirelessly, on my 52″ TV. Stunning quality. Plus – phone calls. You can make them.

Keurig coffee makers. (Specifically with 8 O’clock (red) cups. How we ever survived so many years with crappy drip coffee, I will never know.

Connect with David on Twitter, @David_N_Wilson, where if you ask nicely, there might be a coupon code for the Crossroad Press store.


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