Johnny Michael – Love Life People

Johnny Michael is part of the team behind LoveLifePeople and the man holding the red balloons.  These are his good things.

Good things to read.

Your emails before you send them.

Things twice if they make you feel good.

This out loud dramatically, “Together, we can make people!”

Good things to watch.

A good dose of Late Night shows. Comedy before bed is good medicine.

The sky. Especially when it’s blue.

People. Watch them walk down the sidewalk – watch them do what they do. I myself, have a particular and pleasant fascination of observing pretty women. They’re the finest things on earth.

Good things to use.

The stove. To hell with that demon machine known as the microwave. Make real food. Use fresh stuff. Heat the left lovers in the oven or on the stovetop. Grill something. Better food is worth the wait.

The Beatles Albums. And not on shuffle or a mixed compilation of their hits. Listen to their core albums from start to finish. Please Please Me all the way to Let It Be. I never really understood why they were so great until I did this. I suggest doing this multiple times – until you can hear the next song in your head when the current song comes to an end. Realizing they created all this in seven years is really something to wrap your head around.

Shoelaces. A couple years back I noticed that the process of slipping on my already tied shoes was ridiculous behavior. Running in the door still standing, trying to balance on one foot while ripping of a shoe was also something that needed to stop. Ever since then I got in the habit of tying my shoes everyday. I sit down, put the shoes on my feet and lace ‘em up. I enjoy it now. It gets me ready for the day. When I get back home I sit down and untie them. It’s a wonderful little routine.

Connect with Johnny on Twitter, @JohnnyBalloons.


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