Amelia Beamer – Author

Amelia Beamer is the author of The Loving Dead, the number two zombie novel of the past decade according to Barnes & Noble. Read the first four chapters, short fiction, and accounts of her international travel at  These are her good things.

Good things to read.

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. My favorite book and a primer on writing humor. Open to any page and you’ll probably find something absurd.

Way of the Wizards: New Blood by J E Honey. This is a silly and fun book about wizards who need apprentices and children who are learning how to wizard. It has puns and arm flapping and wildly different people who learn to trust one other.

The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz. A true narrative of a journey on foot from a Russian prison in Siberia to safety in India. It’s harrowing and heartening and shows the depths of the human spirit.

Good things to watch.

Louis CK on Conan. Louis CK’s comedy is honest, revealing, emotional, and brilliant. This five minute piece starts with why he doesn’t want his children to have cell phones and includes singing and talking about the value of sadness.

Mary & Max. This Claymation from Australia is the story of a pen friendship between an old man in New York City and a shy girl in suburban Australia. It’s touching and will make you laugh and probably cry.

Kikujiro. A naïve boy finds an unlikely protector in “Beat” Takeshi Kitano while looking for his mother in this Japanese film which is both gentle and gritty.

Good things to use.

Water. I think many people are dehydrated most of the time and don’t notice. The best water in the world comes out of the tap in Iceland and is unprocessed glacial melt. Tap water in Wales is also amazing, and makes great tea.

Sunlight. I try to get some sun on my face every day, even during a Chicago winter. People in northern climates, especially those who have darker skin tones, can be low in Vitamin D without realizing it.

Olive lip balm from Good Rich Goods. This is the best lip balm in the world. It heals chapped lips rather than just coating them like other balms. The feeling is of natural soft lips that can’t help but smile.

Connect with Amelia on Twitter, @Amelia_Beamer.



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