Annual Reflection

Winston Churchill   Three things to read  watch  and use

For those that weren’t aware, I started the site on September 3, 2012 by sharing my favorite things to read, watch, and use. I wanted the site to be something that would serve as a source for good things, but do so in a very simple way. At this time I was following sites like Lifehacker and feeling overwhelmed by the information. It took too much cognitive power for me to sift through everything, just to find something.

At the time I started 27 Good Things, I was listening to a lot of podcasts about online businesses. It seemed like people were doing incredible work online, making their entire income there and I was merely watching from the river banks while they paddled past. I didn’t want to start a business, but I wanted a project to validate that I could do it. That I could build something I was proud of – and I did.

In 2013, 27 Good Things had over 103,000 visitors. I started at zero and went to one. I feel like a writer who sold their first story.

I have no idea how much time I spend on the site, but it’s more like hobby time, not work time. It’s like having a conversation with someone at the library, movie theater, or coffee shop – asking them about what they’ve seen, done, or read lately. The site has given me so many good book suggestions alone, that I feel blessed for that. Beyond the books there are great movies, apps, TEDTalks, YouTube clips and more. It’s such a rich seam of information that I’ve been rewarded many times over by the kind people who shared good things to read, watch, and use.

That’s the secret to the site, good people. In the beginning I was researching people like Winston Churchill or Brian Williams and creating a matted collection of their good things. This didn’t work. The site grew and found its footing when I started contacting real people – strangers for the most part.

Every person I’ve had on the site has been excellent in their own way, in their own niche. There was a trend this fall with an absolutely stunning array of Science Fiction writers, the best of the best in that genre. There have also been entrepreneurs who you may not know, but they are creating and making things that would blow your mind. Financial bloggers whose sites have treasures of knowledge, fitness buffs on the cutting edge, and many more.

And each of them is incredibly generous with their time.

That’s another lesson, that there are good people online. Kind, smart, funny, caring, generous, and hopeful. Every guest is someone who is moving forward to make the world a better place. Not only that but they all responded to an email from a stranger asking them for something. In only the smallest of ways have I been able to return their generosity, but I will continue to do my best.

If you’re reading this and need a guest post, alpha reader, or help with an online project please let me know. In the movie The Avengers, Black Widow says she’s got a lot of red in her ledger – in my own way, I do too.

Thank you then, to all the 27 Good Things guests. Thank you very much.

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