Beth Bernobich – Author

Beth Bernobich is a writer, reader, mother, and geek. She writes SF and Fantasy, adult fiction and YA. Her most recent novel is Allegiance, from Tor Books. You can read more about her and her work at These are her good things.

Good things to read.

Aliette de Bodard’s Essays. Aliette is a gifted writer and it’s no surprise that her essays are chock full of smart observations about language, culture, science, and writing.

Liz Bourke’s Sleeps with Monsters column on Commentary about women in novels, movies, and games. Reviews of books by and about women. Interviews with women authors. Chewy and thought-provoking articles.

The Freedom Maze.  Delia Sherman tells the story of 13-year-old Sophie Fairchild Martineau, who is sent to live with her relatives on what remains of the ancestral plantation. The year is 1960; the setting is Louisiana. Sophie is bored and lonely. After a fight with her mother, she wishes for a time travel adventure, just like the ones in her favorite books. Her wish is granted, but the adventure is far from anything she’s imagined. She’s transported a hundred years into the past, to 1860, where she’s mistaken for a slave by her own ancestors. And she can’t return home until she completes an important task.

Good things to watch.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. Starring the incomparable Frances McDormand as a down-on-her-luck governess who lands the role of social secretary to singer and actress Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams). Set in London, on the eve of WWII. Funny, frothy, romantic, with a breezy musical score, and anchored by moments of deep emotion.

Prospero’s Books. Sir John Gielgud as the exiled magician, Prospero, in a shamelessly decadent and frankly weird retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Do not go into this one expecting a linear narrative. Just let the visuals and the music wash over you.

Sara Bareilles’s video for Brave.  Such joyful images for such a wonderful song.

Good things to use.

Breathing. Seriously. Take a moment to breathe deeply. It’s such a simple thing, and yet we so often forget it.

Small moments of quiet. When it feels as though the entire world is yammering at you, try to set aside a few moments each day that belong just to you. No demands. No expectations. Maybe you spend it meditating. Or maybe you hug your beloved close. Or maybe you just sit still with your eyes closed. Whatever heals your spirit.

Soap bubbles. Thirty-five years ago, I was an exchange student in Heidelberg, Germany. One of my favorite memories is that of a mechanical bear blowing soap bubbles from his perch above a pharmacy in the Hauptstrasse. Adults always glanced up in surprise. Kids laughed and danced through the clouds of bubbles. It was a spot of unexpected whimsy, which I adored. Three weeks ago, I went back to Heidelberg for a brief visit. The pharmacy is now a shoe store, and the original balcony where he perched is gone. But the little bear–the *same* little bear–is still there. He’s still blowing bubbles, and new kids are still laughing and chasing after them. Add some soap bubbles to your life.

Connect with Beth on Twitter, @Beth_Bernobich.


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