Josh Byers – Designer

Josh Byers is a designer, amateur racquetball player, and father.  He blogs at and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

The Reason for God.  Believers and skeptics alike will always have questions about faith, evil, the existence of God and how we all fit into this crazy world. Tim Keller answers these questions in a straightforward, honest and easy to read way while showing that faith and Christianity are completely reasonable.

A Season on the Brink.  This was the book that introduced me to the brilliance of John Feinstein. He was given total access to the Indiana basketball team for an entire year during Bobby Knight’s golden years. You won’t find another book that gives you an insiders look at college athletics like this one.

Lightning.  Dean Koontz has always been one of my favorite authors since I first read Watchers. Lightning has everything you would want in a great sci-fi/mystery/thriller. It’s very hard to describe the book without giving things away but imagine if the Nazi’s invented time travel and one scientist used it to save the world and for some personal trips on the side.

Good things to watch.

Touching the Void.  Hands down the best documentary I’ve ever seen. Nothing else comes close. The story about 2 men facing death on the side of a mountain is so incredible it could never be made into a movie because nobody would believe it. Probably the best testament to its power is that from the very beginning you know the characters survive and while your’e watching you are convinced they are going to die.

Band of Brothers.  I don’t buy many movies anymore. In fact that’s really the main test. I only buy something I thought was amazing. A few years ago Band of Brothers was all I asked for when my wife wanted to get me a gift. I don’t think there is anything else that tells the personal story of WW2 better. By the end you feel like you’re part of the company and would love have any of those guys in a foxhole next to you.

The Prestige.  This is the movie that made me a Christopher Nolan fan. Inception, the Batman trilogy and others were good but this movie is so fun, smart and the fact that it requires repeat viewings make it my favorite of his. If you like twists, a good con, magic, some science, and great acting you need to see this movie.

Good things to use.

STM Vertical Shoulder Bag.  A couple years ago I need something to carry my Macbook Air and other necessities. I wanted a bad that would hang vertically, have a small footprint, carry my computer, a book, some papers and a few accessories, be well built, look good and not cost $400. The STM vertical shoulder bag is all that and more. Nearly 3 years later its still going strong after using almost every day. I would get another one in a heartbeat.

Hario Electric Kettle.   I recently entered into the world of pour over coffee and one of the most important aspects in the brew is being able to boil your water and then control the pour. The Hario electric kettle looks amazing, doesn’t require a stove, boils water in less than 3 minutes and with its unique spout positioned at the bottom of kettle gives you amazing control so you can pour water to the exact gram.

Kreg Jig.  While most of my crafting is done digitally, for the last year I’ve been building rustic furniture. One of the best ways to get a professional look is to able to hide the hardware in your joints. The Kreg jig is a super simple way for an amateur woodworker to get a nice looking, strong and professional join with your piece.


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