Tobias Buckell – Author, Futurist

Tobias Buckell is the author of Arctic Rising, an eco-thriller, and other novels.  He blogs at and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Charles Stross.  Whether it’s his thoughtful blog, or his near future all-too-realistic science fiction, you’ll get an injection of extra brain matter right into the cortex. And if you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the extrapolation, then go for his Merchant series or Laundry series of books. He has something for everyone, they’re all great reads.

Ron Hogan’s Tao. A modern translation of the Tao. Funny, irreverent, and something I keep enjoying reading over the years.

Alastair Reynolds. Amazing science fiction, start with Chasm City.

Good things to watch.

On Netflix, free to watch, is Orange is the New Black. I didn’t enjoy the main character’s yuppie outlook on life, but I found the cast of characters she interacts with to be some of the better acting and interaction in a series. Worth the price of admission to see Kate Mulgrew as an aging Russian matriarch serving a long prison sentence, a stand out performance.

Orphan Black is a joint Canadian/US TV series that just got picked up for a second season. Actress Tatiana Maslany impresses with handling multiple roles, and fully inhabiting each of them. Some quibbles on a some of the accents, but the acting is top notch. The writing is also, so far, a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the second season.

People. Find a spot, park, and just listen and watch the world going past you. Other drama, other business meetings. I find it all fascinating, and at times, humbling to see what issues others are struggling to get through. Puts my own life in perspective often, and reminds me the other people are not just faces passing by or in my way in the line to get my food.

Good things to use.

I just picked up a propane powered blowtorch to kill weeds with. No chemicals, and it gives you the satisfaction of watching the little suckers shrivel away. Who knew weeding could be fun?

Speck wallet iPhone case. It keeps three cards on the back of my iPhone and simplifies the whole ‘wallet and phone’ issue. I can only keep track of one item.

Betterment.  I have found Betterment to be the best savings online bank financial service thingey yet. Use a slider to indicate your risk level comfort, set it, and forget it.

Connect with Tobias on Twitter, @TobiasBuckell.


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