Billy Kaderli – Early Retirement Expert

Recognized retirement expert Billy Kaderli is one half of the team that defy conventional life descriptions and prefer active trailblazing instead. Financially independent at the age of 38, Billy and his wife Akaisha have been traveling the globe since 1991 and promoted medical tourism before the word was invented. They often find themselves on the cutting edge of societal trends and love sharing that expansive view in their books and on their website, RetireEarlyLifestyle, these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Our books.  I know this seems to be blatant self-promotion, but honestly. We retired at age 38 and have been traveling the world on less than $30K annually. Can you do that? We’ll show you how.

Sy Harding’s Newsletter.  He’s a no-nonsense guy and his market newsletter is easy to understand. I recommend this to anyone who thinks the financial markets are beyond their comprehension or to those who feel they are unskilled financially.

The Drudge Report.  We are on the road 365 days a year and our news approach is global. This guy shows headlines and stories worldwide, and you are not locked into a restricted, local outlook.

Good things to watch.

Your spending. Becoming financially independent doesn’t just happen – unless you win the lottery or inherit wealth – neither of which happened for us. If you watch your spending and track it, you will know more than most people about where money goes, and you can design your life and your future.

Your dreams. Guard them. Don’t let anyone steal them or murder them. Let them guide you into the future you want. If people say “you can’t do that” you know you’re on the right track.

Your step. In developing nations, the sidewalks are not level and can dip unexpectedly throwing you off balance. There could be holes or deep cracks and you can break an ankle – not something you want to do while on the road. Often foreign countries do not have zoning laws or consistent construction. You could be watching your step and then hit your head on a wrought iron bay window sticking out the full width of the sidewalk! (Don’t ask me how I know.)

Good things to use.

A Spreadsheet. Tracking expenses is easy and efficient if you use a spreadsheet.

Your head. Want to be financially independent? Spend little, Save a lot, and Invest wisely.

Time to your advantage. When it comes to investing, time is your greatest asset.

Connect with Billy on Twitter, @RetireEarlyLife.


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