Markus Almond – Brooklyn to Mars

Markus Almond publishes a zine blogs at where he writes about ‘business, art, and life’, and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. The most beautiful and accessible Buddhist book.

The War of Art. A real kick in the ass for artists and entrepreneurs.

Good things to watch.

Big Bad Love.  The most underrated movie of all time.

Walk The Line.  The best love story ever told.

Motivational Talks (these are both awesome talks and they have conflicting views):

Cal Newport speaks at World Domination Summit and Larry Smith: Why You will fail to have a great career.

Good things to use.

Clear.  The best iPhone app for your to-do list.

Boomerang. A Gmail app for getting your inbox down to zero every day.

30/30.  An awesome time management app for your iPhone. The best way to listen to music.

Connect with Markus on Twitter, @MarkusAlmond.



  1. Cal Newort’s talk is a rare piece of truth-telling. If Steve Jobs were able to comment on it I think he would give it his stamp of approval. And Cal has such a great dry sense of humor, too!


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