Todd Henry – The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry is the Accidental Creative, author of the book of the same name which helps creative people and teams become more brilliant.  His next book, Die Empty comes out in fall of 2013 and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. It’s a brilliant chronicle of the growth of Steve Martin’s artistry as a stand-up comic. Excellently written, and full of choice insights.

John Adams by David McCulllough. One of the lesser-considered founding fathers of America, Adams was a case study in grit, persistence, and rigorous dedication to principle.

Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman. Written in the 1980’s, this book speaks directly to some of the dynamics we’re currently experiencing in our “every whim at our fingertips” world.

Good things to watch.

The Men Who Built America. An outstanding TV mini-series showing the industrial age and how it impacted the US (and ultimately the global) economy. I believe it’s essential to understand the lessons, because we are currently undergoing a similar changing of the landscape.

Primer. A super-smart independent film about friends who accidentally (?) stumble upon a means of time travel, and the consequences they must face.

Just for fun – Arrested Development (all seasons). In my opinion, this is the best, smartest, most layered TV comedy ever made.

Good things to use.

Downcast. This podcast listening app is by far my favorite for the iPhone, and allows me to track all of the shows I want to listen to and always have them at-the-ready for a walk or quick workout.

Scrivener. I do nearly all of my long-form writing in it, including both books. It’s an amazing app that allows dedicated spaces for research, and allows you to write like you think rather than linearly.

Small, Squared Moleskine Notebooks. Digital note taking never feels as effective to me as writing something on paper. For quick, disposable notes or for archiving things for later, something like Evernote is fine, but when I want to flesh out my thoughts I always default to my small notebooks. I now have a series of them, labeled with dates for beginning/ending.

Connect with Todd on Twitter, @beaccidental.


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