Justin Jackson – Product Manager, Product People Person

Justin Jackson is a Product Manager for Industry Mailout and the host of a podcast called Product People. He blog at justinjackson.ca and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

I read a lot, but these are 3 significant reads I can think of, off the top of my head.

Getting Real by 37signals was a game changer for me in terms of how I thought about business. 

It’s old, but the Incredible Secret Money Machine by Don Lancaster is a great read. It was written in the late 70’s, so it will feel dated, but Lancaster’s advice on what makes a good business for a solo-entrepreneur is timeless.

Also a must read for entrepreneurs: Pete and Laura Wakeman’s article in Inc Magazine, “The Good Life – How to Get it”. Here’s a PDF copy:  and here’s the online version.

Good things to watch.

You only win once” is an awesome TED Talk by skateboarding icon Rodney Mullen. The talk his persona, and he distills many life lessons that are applicable to business, leadership and building community. 

If you’re married, “It’s not about the nail” is a must watch. 

I just watched “The Jet bicycle“. That was fun.

Good things to use.

My AppleTV is still one of my favourite devices. I have a 1st gen since 2008 and I still love it. Renting a movie is quick, and starts streaming right away. Plus: there’s tons of good video podcasts available.

TextExpander:  I probably use this software 25x a day. It’s a utility that expands a shortcode to a specific piece of text (ie. “AAmailing” becomes my full mailing address). 

Sprint.ly: If you’re doing software development in a team, Sprintly is the best tool I’ve found for managing the whole process. It helps team members stay focused on one task at a time, and it makes the whole development cycle transparent (so everyone can see what’s happening).


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