Paul Jarvis – Gentleman of Adventure

Paul Jarvis “writes books and makes websites for awesome people.”  He writes at as well as and these are his good things.

Good things to read.

Abby Kerr—Abby and her team are some of the smartest strategy and content folks I’ve ever known. Every blog post is packed with great advice and insight.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle—I get lost in my work/industry sometimes and read far too much non-fiction. It’s good to take a break with something out there, and this is my favourite fictional book by my favourite author.

Life Without Pants — Matt has always got great advice about working for yourself. My favourite hustler.

Good things to watch.

Hell on Wheels—It’s a well-written period piece about building America’s railroads. I’m not even from the US and I really enjoy it. It’s got amazing characters you’ll love to hate (seriously, there are no straight-up heroes) and very intentional story-line. It’s on Netflix at well (since I don’t have a TV or cable).

BlogCastFM—Although technically you can’t “watch” this, since it’s a podcast, you also can’t “read” or “use” it, so I’m putting it here. Srinivas Rao is a brilliant interviewer who has some amazing guests on his show to share their stories about business, success, entrepreneurialism and other topics. Always time well spent listening.

Shane Koyczan’s “To This Day” TED Talk—one of the most honest and touching TED talks I’ve ever watched.

Good things to use.

IA Writer—I use this program to write all the articles and books I’ve ever written. I love it because it has no features, all you can do is use it to write without distraction.

The Adoption Form at Your Local Shelter—I’m a big believer that the animal companion you’re looking for is in a shelter somewhere, looking for you to adopt them.

Mailbox—I love me some “inbox zero”, and this app let’s me get there quickly. You can use it to be reminded of emails that are important, but important right now (so they show back up into your inbox at a later time/date). Plus, every time you zero your inbox, you see a beautiful and always changing photograph.

You can connect with Paul Jarvis on Twitter, @pjrvs


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