Tessa Miller – Contributions Editor at Lifehacker

Tessa Miller is the Contributions Editor at Lifehacker.com where she runs the wonderful How I Work series and curates all of Lifehacker’s guest content, these are her good things.

Good things to read.

Lifehacker. (Shameless plug!) Even if I didn’t work here, I’d still read it every day. It’s impossible to read and not come away knowing something (something useful – important distinction) that you didn’t know before visiting.

LadyBits. It’s a tech/science/culture collection for savvy women (and the guys who know and love them). My dear friend Arikia just launched it via Medium, and though there isn’t much content there yet, I promise you it’s one to watch.

The Norton Shakespeare. I dug it up a couple of weeks ago in a moment of college nostalgia. I’ve only read a handful of Shakespeare’s plays (and only the biggies), so I’m trying to make my way through some of the lesser known ones. Bonus: if you want to mess with people/look like an insufferable snob, read it on the train (it’s 3,000 plus pages and weighs about 5 lbs).

Good things to watch.

Game of Thrones. I’m sure I’m the millionth person to list this, but for good reason. Dragons! Sex! Accents! Magic! Mystery! Dinklage! What’s not to like?

The West Wing. I started watching it after a heated discussion in our Lifehacker chatroom about Aaron Sorkin and The Newsroom (which I’ve watched but will spare you my thoughts on). I was in grade school when the West Wing first aired, so I overlooked it or just thought it was for old people, which… I guess I am one now. I’m only halfway through the first season, but it’s so well done. Allison Janney can do no wrong.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s a cute little web series that Jerry Seinfeld did, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Seinfeld picks up other comedians (Larry David, Alec Baldwin, Ricky Gervais, etc.) in gorgeous old cars, and they go get coffee. It’s charming and hilarious. Needs more women though.

Good things to use.

Your brain, always.

A well-made (or shitty, whatever) notebook. What matters is that you enjoy writing in it. It’s good to get away from the keyboard every once in awhile.

Probiotics. I’m sort of fascinated with bacteria and gut health and the insanely sophisticated system of flora the body maintains. I know from experience that when the balance of this is thrown out of whack, the consequences can be devastating. So even though it makes me sound like a granola-loving hippie, I recommend probiotics to all of my friends and family whether they have serious digestive problems or not.

Find more things she likes on Twitter, @TessaJeanMiller.


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