Ciera – Designer

Ciera Holzenthal is a “graphic designer and blogger who loves photography, traveling, the color green, typography, New Orleans, festivals and keyboard shortcuts” who creates at Ciera Design and these are her good things.

Good things to read.

The Cheese Monkeys by graphic designer Chip Kidd: A hilarious autobiographical, coming-of-age novel about art school and graphic design classes. I loved this book since I studied art in college and could totally relate. It had me laughing out loud.

Amanda Genther’s Blog: Amanda is a young entrepreneur who I look up to as a small business owner myself. She shares amazing insight on personal branding and resources to help grow your business.

Me Talk Pretty One Day or any book by David Sedaris, he is hilarious.

Good things to watch.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Another awesome coming-of-age comedy-drama, I guess I like this genre. After I watched it I was thinking about it for days. I still need to read the book.

Lynda videos – I am always looking to learn new things and has educational tutorials on just about everything including accounting, photography, note taking and typography.

TED talks: Inspirational no matter what the topic, watch as many as you can.

Good things to use.

Wunderlist: This is my favorite digital to do list. It’s simple, well designed and has desktop and iPhone versions.

Panasonic Lumix: I love my camera! It’s pretty small so it’s not a hassle to bring it everywhere and the lenses are interchangeable so it has a lot of variety.

Washi Tape: colorful tape makes everything pretty.

See more of Ciera on Twitter at @CieraHolzenthal.


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