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Kimberly Love – Kimberly is a Universal Designer who designs and writes about interiors, websites, and senior living. &

Good things to read.

The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron. This book is an extension of the Artist’s Way both by Julia Cameron. Julia leads you through a series of exercises that help you understand who you really are, what really matters, and how you became that individual. I wish the audio version was available digitally because I have worn out the cassette version.

Making a Living without a Job – Barbara Winters. Barbara has been inspiring folks to do the work they were meant to do since the 80’s. I met this inspiring lady at a lecture here in Orlando, FL. The idea of working for yourself was in its infancy back then. As someone with diverse interests and talents, I love her chapter on multiple profit centers.

Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit, A Son Remembers by Sean Hepburn Ferrer. Sean writes lovingly about his mother Audrey Hepburn in this touching tribute. We tend to forget that this brilliant actress and Ambassador for Unicef was also a loving mother. My own mother gave me this book which adds to the meaning.

Good things to watch.

We Bought a Zoo. I watched this movie with my kids and my son, Alex gave me a copy for Christmas. This movie is inspiring because it is based on a true story and the struggles of doing the work you are passionate about doing. My favorite line is when the father (Matt Damon) says to his son (Colin Ford), “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you something great will come of it.”

Fixing the Future – PBS. This documentary showed how cities all around the USA are coping with the “New Economy” and coming up with creative ways to not just survive but thrive.

Under the Tuscan Sun. I love this story about turning strangers into family, loving yourself, & loving your life. The gorgeous Italian scenery is perfect for whenever I need a mental vacation.

Good things to use.

Nike + with my Nike walking shoes. This ingenious product coupled with my comfy Nike’s makes my walks more fun. It tracks how much I walk and I love the positive feedback from sport’s stars.

Starbucks Via’s. These are great to throw in your suitcase and keep in your desk drawer. All I need is some hot water to enjoy my favorite coffee addiction.

iPad with Brookstone Projector. The iPad is truly an amazing creation. I am a book nut with shelves in every room that are overflowing. I love having my favorite books with me, being able to surf the net, watch a movie, and listen to pod casts anywhere. My father gave me the Brookstone Projector which is great for presentations & speaking engagements without having to lug around a big projector and a computer. Recently, I have been giving presentations on Encore Entrepreneurs, Niching Your Business for Greater Reach & Designing Your Home for Accessibility.

Kimberly is on Twitter, @KimberlyLoveWeb


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