Carrie Wilkerson – Barefoot executive

Carrie Wilkerson is a mentor/coach/adviser, author of The Barefoot Executive, and writer at – these are her good things.

Good things to read.

I love The Go Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann — whether you are in business, a relationship or just life – this has several timeless principles about how to live and give. It’s a short read and parable style. I LOVE it and gift it often!

Same kind of Different as Me – was excellent. A true story about some amazing Texas folks. It will (should) adjust your thinking in several areas about the folks around us. I won’t spoil it – but it is worth your time. I’ve recommended it to my teen daughter too!

A handy resource that I keep around is the Maria Menounos book, The EveryGirls Guide to Life – it’s kind of an everything book about nothing in particular, but lots of great tips and tricks from head to toe, beauty to business and more. Maria and I disagree on a thing or two in the book, but overall – it’s a super smart way to stay organized, look fab and keep your sanity for a girl-on-the-go

Good things to watch.

Secretariat is one of my favorites…so many great girl-power moments (true story, fyi) — love the theme of a strong woman in business. This is a family favorite and makes you feel invincible. Diane Lane does a bang up job in the lead and it’s subplot of juggling things as a busy woman in that time period is pretty incredible.

The Blind Side – another true story and such a testament to the human spirit! (hmmm strong southern woman in business…go figure 😉 I’m an adoptive mom too, so – of course I like the adoption and redemption story — but the cast ensemble really WORKS and I can literally watch this over and over.

This is likely a tie between Shawshank Redemption and Oceans Eleven. — Unlikely pairing, I know. But I love the themes of ‘things are not what they appear’ and ‘changing your fate’. In Shawshank, Andy has such an unfailing spirit and the ending just gets me every time! But my favorite part of both movies is how the director works you backwards to show you what you THOUGHT you were seeing and what you were REALLY seeing. Such a great theme of ‘perception as reality’

Good things to use.

I am seriously hooked on Snuggle Fabric Softener in Wild Orchid and Vanilla right now. LOL I use the liquid in the wash AND the sheets in the dryer. It’s such a happy smell! I am not a domestic goddess and laundry has never been my favorite – but this smell makes me smile when I’m folding. Ok, sure, the little bear is cute too 😉

I am a little addicted to using my audio recorder on my phone while driving, walking, flying, whatever – to record notes to send to my team, my kids, my brothers, you name it! I feel like there is a powerful connection to the voice and this lets me be connected, loving, encouraging AND productive without the dangers of walking or driving and texting 🙂 I record then hit SHARE to send to their cell or email. ❤ I have also recorded several lullabies for my little girls so that I can sing them to sleep, even if I’m on the road somewhere.

The Brookstone leather case & Bluetooth keyboard cover for my iPad is a time and bag-saver! I’m typing on it RIGHT NOW and it keeps me from lugging my laptop OR going nuts with a touchscreen. I feel like this is my best compromise between laptop and iPad screen. The leather dresses it up a bit and makes me feel like it isn’t just a ‘game’ trinket – but a serious work tool. Ohhhh I also love my Brookstone Dash suitcase. I never travel with anything bigger, no matter how long the trip and it’s a HAPPY orange color! (my favorite!) Easy to spot and indestructible 😉

Connect with Carrie @CarrieWilkerson or at


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