Chistopher – This That and MBA

Christopher writes about the common sense approach to finance at This That and the MBA, these are his good things.

Good things to read.

The three good things that I am reading now are Fortune Magazine, Golf Magazine and the local paper. I do not have a long attention span for reading thus magazines and articles are perfect for me.

Good things to watch.

I am big dork when it comes to TV: I like AX Men, Jeopardy and watching The Voice with my wife.

Good things to use.

Straight Razor. Expensive upfront cost but cost effective in the long run. Can be passed down generations.

Cell Phone. Great because it allows me to be on the go and also be close to receiving emails and in contact with family out of town

Computer. I am lost without an instant connection to the internet and the world around us. I love reading the news and I will read about anything and everything.

Chris is on Twitter, @thsthtandthemba.


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