Janine Eccleston – Accounting major

Janine writes at My Pennies, My Thoughts and these are her good things.

Good things to read.

The Power of Habit is an amazing book that tells you why you do things and how we form habits. I learned a lot about myself through reading this book.

The Last Lecture was a lecture given by a professor who was dying of cancer at quite a young age. His last lecture sends a lot of strong messages and was a way for his children to remember him.

The Art of Happiness is a quick read, but it really puts great perspectives on how you view things in your life.

Good things to watch.

Modern Family is a hilarious T.V. show that I keep up on week to week. The family dynamics are incredible and this show always has me laughing. The episodes are short (I wish they were longer) so this makes it easy to keep up with. If you are looking for a good laugh check out the pilot to this show, you will be hooked!

Hungry for Change is a powerful documentary that really gets you thinking about what in fact you are putting in your body. This documentary changed the way I look at food. Definitely worth watching!

Sheryl Sandberg and her TED Talk addresses women in business and more specifically why there are less women in executive roles.

Good things to use.

Yelp! I use Yelp almost daily to look up great places in my city and cities I’m travelling to. Yelp has a great community of people who are dedicated to writing reviews of the good the bad and the ugly.

Runkeeper App. I’m attempting to start running and so far I really like this app because not only does it let you track how far you have run and your time, you can sign up for work out plans that will help you achieve your goals!

A planner. I still use a paper and pen when it comes to planning my life. We are all so caught up in technology it’s a nice break. I love my planner and wouldn’t trade it for the world


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