Ryan O’Loughlin – Student of Life

These are Ryan O’Loughlin’s good things.

Good things to read.

Well, I’d have to go with a few classics here. Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first book that really shifted my mindset, and ever since then I’ve never stopped learning about business. The Four Hour Workweek is my second favorite book of all time because it really broke the mold of the 9-5 lifestyle. And finally, The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg is a great read for anyone who isn’t sure about the investment of college.  Oh, and how could I forget The Millionaire Fast Lane?


Good things to watch.

I am not a huge fan of TV, but for things to watch I like Ted.com. For example, this talk on dieting – Minding your Mitochondria –  is very educational and this talk – Play is More than Fun – is great too. I also go to YouTube for interesting videos or tutorials. 

Good things to use.

If you travel a lot, I recommend Tripit. It’s a Smartphone app that syncs your airline, hotel, and restaurant reservations on your smart phone. Just makes traveling easier. I also just joined Charles Schwab Bank. Their mobile app is awesome, because you can take pictures of checks and they will be deposited into your account. Also, their checking account has virtually no fees or minimums, which is great for everyone, especially an international traveler.


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