Julia Gilmor – Communication Crackerjack

These are Julia Gilmor’s good things.

Good things to read.

Danielle LaPorte, Fire Starter Sessions. Danielle gets at the heart of creating a life and career that you love. It’s based on the premise of deciding how you want to feel in your life (powerful, creative, abundant) and then do the things that make you feel that way. It’s like getting a hug and a kick in the ass all at the same time.

Copyblogger. An amazing resource for creating online content/content marketing that gets noticed and shared. It’s well written, not dry and incredibly useful, just like you’d expect good content to be!

Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. A young Ojibway man returns to home after serving as a sniper in WWI missing one leg, addicted to morphine and possessed by the horrors of war. This was over the top, rich in detail and in character development. It’s a haunting tale that stays with the reader long long after you’ve finished the last page.

Good things to watch.

True Blood. This darkly humorous vampire series from HBO is a guilty pleasure that stylistically tips it’s hat to B horror flix, oozes hot and steamy and breaks down gender and sexual boundaries.

Grounded TV. An online, independent, video network of people documenting social change and the artists and change makers who are doing good and bringing positive change to the world.

The Horizon. Whether you live in the mountains, on the coast or in a city, watching the sunrise and sunset is a beautiful marker of time passed. It lifts your head up out of whatever you’re doing and allows for a moment of simply resting in the present moment.

Good things to use.

Lime squeezer. The best 25¢ I’ve ever spent was on a orange plastic lime squeezer in the city market of Guadalajara Mexico. Adding lime enhances nearly everything. Margaritas Mexican style tuna salad, soup everything tastes better with lime. The squeeze helps you get the most out of your lime and increases your lime squeezing productivity.

Evernote is to Bookmarks what Pinterest is to Social Media; well designed, incredibly accessible and highly useful for storing and retrieving information. I do A LOT of research online and I bookmark a lot of articles on the fly but once they’re bookmarked or in my RSS feed I seldom go back. Partly because I have a lousy filing system partly because it’s hard to scan Bookmarks effectively. Evernote is attractive and easy to use and it makes information retrieval incredibly accessible.

Handmade Pottery. Whether coffee obsessed or a tea totaller, bonding with our morning bevy is a biggie for most of us. If you don’t currently drink your morning elixir out of a handmade ceramic item, do yourself a treat and buy one! It’s an affordable way to support a local artist and as each piece is handmade, each piece is an original that you can celebrate with every day.


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