Dennis Heenan – founder of BodyFit Formula

These are Dennis Heenan’s good things.

Good things to read:

The Primal Blueprint. The ultimate guide to living healthy, getting more out of life, and simply being awesome. Fun and easy read!

Today Matters by John C Maxwell is one of the most life changing books I have ever read. The 12 daily disciplines he covers can be applied directly to anyone’s life. This is a book I can read over and over because of the encouragement and confidence it instills in you.

Mastering the Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews. Andy discusses 7 habits that ALL highly successful individuals have, and how each of us can learn these and apply them to our lives. Andy studied successful individuals for years and noticed they all had seven traits in common. He shares and expands on each trait to help you become a better overall person.

Good things to watch.

Food Inc. covers the eye opening truths about where your foods actually come from. This film makes you more aware of what goes on in the food industry and is a must see!

Ted Talks. Educational, inspirational, and highly fascinating.

The Office. The greatest TV show ever made. No matter what time of day, The Office is always something that will give you a good laugh.

Good things to use.

Kettlebell. Aside from your own body, this is the most powerful piece of exercise equipment on the planet. Burning up to 20 calories per minute, you can expect to see some great results from this simple movement.

iPad. I use my iPad for just about everything: calendar, reading books, taking notes, writing, to-do lists, and more. As a bonus, I recommend grabbing a wireless keyboard if you are going to be doing lots of writing or note taking with it!

Sigg Water Bottle. We all know the importance of water


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