Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook creator

These are Mark Zuckerberg’s good things.

Good things to read.

His Facebook page lists two good things to read, Ender’s Game and Plato.  In a New Yorker interview from 2010 Zuckerberg said about Ender’s Game, “Oh, it’s not a favorite book or anything like that” and that books like Aeneid were ones that he enjoyed reading a lot more.

Good things to watch.

His Facebook pages lists a handful of movies, Django Unchained, Moneyball, Iron Man, and Waiting for Superman the most recent films.  In the New Yorker interview he also said – ironically enough – that The West Wing is one of his favorite TV shows. When informed of this, show creator Aaron Sorkin said, “I wish you hadn’t told me that.”

Good things to use

Favorite games are Lux Delux, and Song Pop.  And for good cooking, how abut the iGrill app.

For more about Mark Zuckerberg check out the New Yorker interview above or scroll through his Facebook Timeline.


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