Audio Helkuik – the always busy, always awesome artist

These are Audio Helkuik’s good things.

Good things to read.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau: I’m the designer for a small startup clothing brand, so I find this book incredibly inspiring. It’s full of stories about people who have found success at starting businesses they love with small initial budgets.

Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain: Reading this book was the first step I took in believing that my introverted nature was not a weakness.

Fruits by Shoichi Aoki: This is a great photobook featuring Japanese street fashion. The outfits showcased in this book feature a lot of my design aesthetics: layered looks, over-the-top accessorizing, and heavy-handed themes within an outfit. His follow-up photobook is called Fresh Fruits, which I also adore.

Good things to watch.

My So-Called Life: A short-lived TV series from the 90’s. I first watched the series on TV when I was probably too young for it, but I just loved all the very different, but relatable characters and the introspective nature of the show. It’s a teen show, but I loved it when I was a child, a teen, and now when I’m adult-ish.

Harold & Maude: Who doesn’t love a quirky love story? BONUS: This movie’s entire soundtrack was written by Cat Stevens.

 “Babes” music video by Icky Blossoms: So proud to know so many of the folks involved on the production team for this video. Even without having any personal ties to this video, it is so good. With a design/production schedule as packed as mine, I don’t have much time/patience for YouTube videos, but I make sure I sit down and watch this one every once in awhile.

Good things to use.

Composition notebooks: I have a digital drawing pad, lots of illustration/design software, and piles of expensive sketchbooks, but I still just use a composition notebook. I prefer ones with the classic black & white marble cover. I always keep one for sketching illustration or design ideas and one just as an ongoing personal notebook kind of like a journal. Once I fill one up, I put it on my shelf and start a new one. I’ve been using these for years.

Tea tree oil: I just love this stuff. It’s an all natural antiseptic. If you create different dilutions, you can use for so many purposes: skin cleanser, hair/scalp spritz, house cleaner, air freshener, mouthwash, etc.

Beansmith coffee: I’m still kind of new to the coffee drinking world because I am pretty sensitive to caffeine, but this company is why I skipped right to the world of GOOD coffee. While I was initially drawn to them because of their good design and packaging, I soon realized that they truly have superb coffee. I found out they are a local roasting company in my city (Omaha) so I’ve become a pretty big fan of their company. I’m always drawn to people and companies that are crazy passionate about what they do, and the Beansmith guys are really really really into coffee.

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