Jeff Bezos – CEO

These are Jeff Bezos‘ good things.

Good things to read.

A Business Insider post featured Bezos’ reading list.  Remains of the Day is one of his favorite books along with Built to Last by Jim Collins. One of his nonfiction favorites is Dune, saying to Fast Company “I’m a big science-fiction fan. I love Dune. That’s not a nonfiction narrative, of course, but it would be cool if it was!”

Good things to watch.

In the same Fast Company interview Bezos listed Dr. Stranglove as his favorite movie and enjoying the work of Peter Selllers and Mike Myers.

Good things to use.

In an interview with Forbes, Bezos admitted to using both a Kindle Paperwhite and FireHD.  What did he read? The Hydrogen Sonata.  If where Bezos invests his money indicates his good things then Twitter, 37Signals, AirBNB, MakerBot, and Uberamong others – are some good things.


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