Justin Zollars – javascript author

These are Justin Zollars’ good things.

What are some good things you’ve read?

Jewish Wisdom for Business Success – by Levi Brackman.  Levi Brackmann takes religious stories we learned as children, and relates them to the business world. The book could be summed up in a few words: Believe in yourself and have dignity and courage along the way. When reading this book one can’t help but get excited imagining the possibilities in front of you.. This book connects moral guidance with decision making – a book that every business man needs to read.

The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries. San Francisco and The Bay Area have a startup culture second to none. Eric Ries teaches agile methods of development and offers startup entrepreneurs a way to measure, and improve on their success. He models different ways of doing business and teaches you ways to grow your startup successfully.

Metaprogramming Ruby – Paolo Perrotta.  I owe studying this book my job, and for this reason it deserves a mention. This is the deepest exploration of the Ruby programming language and teaches the most advanced techniques of programming in an elegant fashion. For all its faults Ruby is a beautiful language, and while technical, this book does its depth justice.

What are some good things you’ve watched?

American Horror Story – Mix Catholic nuns in an insane asylum, aliens, murder, lesbians, and twisted killers and you get awesome. Last week there was an exorcism and I was scared to death. The catholic characters are fantastic, moral arguments with such immoral methods. I’m intrigued, horrified, and entertained every Wednesday.

True Blood – Vampires are cool and have style. This show takes place in Shreveport Louisiana and I was immediately pulled in with fantastic characters such as Vampire Bill, Sookie Stackhouse, Jason Stackhouse, and fantastic places such as the Merlotts and Fangtasia. The Vampires just want equal rights; and again you mix religion, philosophy, and emotion in their story.

What are some good things you’ve used?

Sparrow.  The first added a little simplicity into my life. Sparrow is an email client that works a lot like a twitter client, its easy to compose a message and get through your email messages without a complicated User Interface.

Spotify. Few things have disrupted the music market. The first was cd’s, then my iPod in conjunction with torrents, I believed it would never change from that point of perfection. Spotify has changed the way I listen to music. I listen, and discover new music every day; its packed with millions of songs from the cloud. I no longer need to be concerned with disk space; why buy the 64gb iPhone, when the 16 will due? Why purchase a 1 terabyte solid state drive, when I don’t require storage space? Cloud computing is the future. And spotify has exemplified cloud – or collective computing.

Meteor.js Lastly there is Meteor.js. I picked a winner with ruby, and I believe the winner of the next decade will be Javascript and applications returning to the web again. Meteor.js provides a framework to do this. Remember in the 90’s where we had fractured platforms (PC and Mac), installed applications, and version issues? In the early aughts those problems were largely eliminated with web applications, but have returned with vengeance in our fractured cellular phone marketplaces. The future will ignore the app store, and we’ll return once again to web applications. Meteor is a good attempt of a javascript framework allowing developers to make live web applications for mobile devices. Its all in Javascript and its wicked fast. This team is doing some really cool stuff and I’ve found it a joy to develop in.


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