Stephen King – author

These are Stephen King’s favorite things.  See more of his work at Pop of King or his many books.

What are some good things you’ve read?

Lord of the Flies.

In Entertainment Weekly King wrote “Reading The Hunger Games is as addictive (and as violently simple) as playing one of those shoot-it-if-it-moves videogames in the lobby of the local eightplex; you know it’s not real, but you keep plugging in quarters anyway.”

Devils in Exile. “It’s a terrific Boston-based crime thriller about Iraq vets who decide to torch the city’s drug trade. They grab the money when the big deals go down and trash the drugs.”

What are some good things you’ve watched?

Game of Thones.  “The HBO series is good but the books are even better”.

At Entertainment Weekly King offers up his thoughts on the best of television and movies suggesting that Breaking Bad “is an American classic”.  He also suggests Sons of Anarchy and Margin Call.

What are some good things you’ve used?

When it comes to reading, the Kindle supplies everything I want, thanks. I can order the latest Michael Connelly out of thin air, carry it in my jacket pocket, and make the type as big as I want. After all that, should I insist it sing, dance, and give me GPS coordinates to the nearest Waffle House? Comrade Stevie says nyet.

Mac computer.

The Boston Red Sox.


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