Brandon Thompson – DJ

These are Brandon Thompson’s AKA DJ B-Funk good things.

What are some good things you’ve read?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Walking Dead graphic novels which are currently in television form on AMC.

HUSH by DC comics is another great comic story-line  Especially if you are a Batman fan. Has an amazing two panel spread of Batman upper cutting Superman. Worth the price of admission.

Preacher by Garth Ennis is a amazingly dark and funny comic series involving a preacher who has super powers and is looking for God. But not to ask him questions but to kick his ass. 🙂

What are some good things you’ve watched?

Hot Cheetos and takis is a great rap viral video by little kids in Minnesota.

Just re-watched John Carpenter’s The Thing the other day. Excellent flick!

Breaking Bad, The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and Game of Thrones are just to die for television.

What are some good things you use?

Workflowy that mike turned me on to makes making lists so much easier.

Purchase an X-Mini if you enjoy music. It’s a speaker the size of a oversize golf ball and it BELTS OUT SOUND. Great for vacations or the outdoors and costs about 20 dollars.

AroundMe for my iPhone is a must for those go travel. Finds everything you need then you can use Urbanspoon rankings for where you’ll eat!


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