Mike Dariano

My name is Mike Dariano and these are my good things

What are three good things you’ve read?

I just finished Anansi Boys by Gaiman and it was very good.  I’ve read Gaiman’s American Gods and thought that was a better overall book but this was shorter and felt more focused.  Plus it had a lot of the same good stuff that was in American Gods. 

I also re-read Altucher’s I was Blind but now I See kindle book.  Some good thought provoking ideas about college, congress, and life. I enjoy reading things that remind me that the power in my life is up to me. 

Slowly I’ve been trudging through 1Q84 and it’s very good with the pacing and character development.  It’s been like watching two sets of storm clouds slowly, beautifully, move across the horizon and you’re just waiting to see what happens when they meet.  Though I do wish they would meet a bit sooner. 

What are three good things you’ve watched?

After putting our kids to sleep my wife and I watch Colbert Report which seems a bit funnier to us than The Daily Show but Steward seems funnier than Colbert.  Who knows. 

I re-watched Drive again the other day and Ryan Gosling will always live in my mind as someone who doesn’t talk in movies but is very good at meme’s. The movie reminds me of driving around large cities at night when the roads are all lit but very few people are out and it feels like another world. 

A friend turned us on to Tosh.0 an that’s another show we watch after the kids go to bed – and for good reason. 

What are three good things you use?

Long ago I stopped watching or reading the news because it proved to be too much of a time-suck for me but recently I subscribed to Pell’s Next Draft.  It’s a week day email summary of what happened with some clever comments from Dave.

For email I’m giving Postbox a try.  After launching this site and taking a new teaching position my number of email accounts grew to too many for a browser and I’m hoping the desktop client works well.  I’m still within my 30 day trial but it’s been wonderfully minimal in interface but with many features. 

I’ve been using Orchestra for my new to do list and it’s great! Forwarding emails and dictating what I need to do while driving have been awesome features. 


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